Friday, 31 October 2008

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It would be strange having to get up for work again as I had been off for about 3 months. I couldnt believe it my first morning at my new job and I had overslept, either I hadnt set the alarm clock or I had switched it off and gone back to sleep. I anticipated having breakfast sitting watching TV for a while and then going to work . Instead it was a quick wash, makeup put on in 1 minute and dash to the car, I got there at 8.25am and I started work at not the best of starts.

The personnel officer took me to where would be working and I couldnt believe my eyes, the office that I would be in was like something out of the ark. Desks that had definitely seen better days, chairs that all needed re-covering, I had come from an ultra modern office no expence spared.

I was introduced to everyone and I would be working with a young girl Donna who seemed really nice and friendly, she was going to teach me. Mark the warehouse manager who shared our office and Tom the Office Manager who was in a tiny office next door along with an elderly lady who was the clerk.

Donna and I got stuck in we did the admin for everybody in Despatch, we were responsible for all Inventory adjustments, Stock adjustments, transfer of stock to outside warehouses, Cycle Counts and export shipping documentation. Credit notes etc... This was going to take some serious learning but I loved a challenge.

There was also a small office off our main office that was the Post Room manned by a lady about my age Nancy and a guy similar age. They were a sort of couple but lived each in their own homes in fact Nancy lived in a static mobile home which was beautiful, from inside you would have thought you were in a normal house.

My first day was hard and not exactly getting off to a good start by getting up late. I knew by the end of the first day that I was going to really like this job and the people. There was about 20 Warehouse lads also that were in and out of our office.

Every time you left the office to go either to the toilets or the canteen the smell as you walked across the yard was of chocolate, it was actually the Ovaltine being made. In fact there were so many products made there. I found out there was a staff shop where they sold most of the products at a very much reduced price, usually the containers would be slightly damaged or badly printed which couldnt be sold to the general public.

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