Thursday, 23 October 2008

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Dennis loved his flat and was thinking of getting a rescue dog for company, plus the fact he loved walking this would be ideal for them both. It would also give Dennis someone to be responsible for, hopefully.

Steve and I went with Dennis to the local Blue Cross, it is such a sad place , loads of dogs needing homes, it made you want to take them all. They brought out several dogs for Dennis to look at. Then they brought out this lovely black dog which looked as though he had a bit of Alsation in him, he was beautiful and made a beeline for Dennis. He was about 4 years old. This was the one for him, the dogs name was Ben and just wouldnt leave his side. They said they had to do some checks on Dennis and the dog had to have some injections so all being well we could pick him up in a weeks time.

Lesley and Jim were still going strong, I was getting the feeling that it was for real. I still had my reservations but kept them to myself.

This turned out to be a very uneventful year and before we knew it Christmas 1986 had come and gone. Steve was seriously considering going on a 18-30 holiday later in the year possibly to Spain and what surprised me even more was he was going on his own. This was something I could never have done. I was very proud of him for even contemplating it.

True to his word he booked the holiday, I believe sometime in July I would be really worried about him while he was away. Since Sheila`s accident I had been a real pain , if either Steve or Lesley didnt come home at the time they said, I would be at the window looking for them. They were good kids and if they were going to be late they would ring me. They put up with my paranoia.

Dennis had Ben for sometime now and they were real buddies, inseparable, they walked for miles . Ben got on really well with our Great Dane Allie which was handy as he often popped in on his travels.

Steve went on his holiday, it was the longest two weeks ever. He sent a postcard saying he was having an amazing time. It was around this time that Lesley and Jim told me they were getting married, it was going to be a Registry Office wedding, just for family and friends. Lesley wasnt one for all that pomp and circumstance. Jim`s sister had a wine bar in Berkhamsted and as a wedding present they could have the reception there. Lesley decided she was going to make her own cake, a bit ambitious I thought.

They were also hoping to buy a house in or around Milton Keynes, as property was a lot cheaper there. Work was not a problem for Jim now as he was no longer a fireman he had since become a British Transport Policeman .

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