Friday, 10 October 2008

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Steve was really suffering, she was his twin and I cant imagine what he was feeling. We were saying we would have to somehow get in touch with Erin, Sheila`s friend. We didnt have a telephone number only an address somewhere in Chelsea, London. Steve said maybe he would go and try and find her tomorrow, if I would be ok with it. I knew it would help him, getting out of the house.

I was very worried about Dennis being unaware of what had happened to Sheila, in one way I couldnt wait for him to ring and another I didnt know how I would tell him over the phone. I rang my cousin Anne who was also my friend, she was devastated and said she would tell all our other relatives. Sheila and I actually went to visit Anne and my Aunt Dot & Uncle John last Easter. I said I would ring Anne when I had some details about the funeral.

There was going to be an inquest so I had no idea when we could have the funeral, something I dreaded. The phone didnt stop ringing with people offering their condolences, it was so hard. I just wanted to curl up in a ball.

Mine and Steve`s boss came as he said at 11.00am. He was so nice but it only upset us more. He said to stay off work as long as we needed to. He also said the lads at work and the branch managers who knew Sheila sent their condolensces as they knew her from The Moat House. He wanted us to let him know the funeral details as they wanted to send flowers. It was very awkward and he didnt stay long but very nice of him to come.

Linda ,Dennis`s ex wife rang and said she would like to come over with Craig and Simon her children but I said I didnt think we could cope with the children at the moment, she wasnt very pleased but It was only yesterday this tragic accident happened. we needed time to ourselves. She said she would come on monday and I left it at that. If I hadnt been waiting for Dennis to ring I would have unplugged the phone just for some peace. I know everyone meant well.

A policemen came that afternoon for a few more details and was able to tell us what had actually happened. Evidently Sheila had just come off The Black Cat roundabout near Bedford when she somehow crossed the grass strip that seperated the dual carriageway and hit a lorry going the other way. Her door came open and she was thrown out of her car.. He said the car was being checked and witness spoken to and we would hopefully all know more at the inquest. When that would be he had no idea but gathering evidence takes time.

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