Thursday, 2 October 2008

Page 117

I saw Lesley every morning because where I worked had a staff bus that collected us an brought us home. Lesley lived on the route so the driver who I knew quite well would pick her up at the bus stop and drop her off where I worked , she worked across the road at Honeywell. It was very handy for her. I am sure it was against the rules but we did it for quite a few years.

I was changing all the beds and in Dennis`s room as I pulled off the dirty sheets I saw some papers sticking out from under the mattress, without thinking I pulled them out and found they were charge sheets from West End Central Police Station in Piccadilly. The dates were a few days ago and related to arrests for shoplifting, possession of illegal drugs and loitering with intent. Intent to what it didnt say. On another piece of paper was a court date, he was due to appear in court on monday it was now saturday and he hadnt said a word.

Dennis had been out since friday morning and we had no idea where he was again, I could only guess he would be in London scoring drugs. Steve and I spoke about the situation and decided we were going to tel him he had to go, we were not going to put up with the lies and stealing any longer.

Monday morning and he still wasnt home, Steve and I was worried sick, he could be lying in a gutter somewhere but there was nothing we could do but wait. I hoped if he was able that he would make the court appearance .

When Steve and I got home that night he still wasnt home and I just didnt know what to do. I decided I was going to ring the police station in Piccadilly, which I did and was given another number to ring they answered with Wormwood Scrubs Prison, my heart sank I now knew where he was. They confirmed he was there but couldnt or wouldnt give me any more information and for me to wait to hear from him. It was such a relief to know he was alive and safe.

I hoped if the sentence was a few months then perhaps he could get off the drugs but according to him in the past, they were easier to get hold of in prison than outside. If I am honest I felt relieved he was in prison and perhaps we could now relax in our own home instead of me making sure my handbag was hidden and Steve having to be carefull what he left unattended. It really was horrible but he was my brother and in spite of everything he did we loved him because we knew what a great guy he was off drugs.

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