Wednesday, 29 October 2008

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It was about 7.00pm and still no baby. Tina the next door neighbour came round and asked me to go and have a coffeee rather than sit on my own, I wasnt keen as I hardly new her but it was a nice gesture and if Lel had the baby I would be there for the phone call.

They were Italian from Sicely I believe. Before long several visitors had arrived, family members, I think. They all proceeded to talk in Italian which left me at a bit of a loss. It went on like this for about an hour and I felt like a bit of a gooseberry and why do they shout all the time. I thanked Tina for the coffee and said I was going to do some ironing for Lesley. Actually I thought it a bit rude to all speak in italian when they invited me round.

I did the ironing and watched the TV for a while then went to bed. At about 6.00am the doorbell rang and it was Tina`s husband he said Lesley had a little girl and they were both well. I was ecstatic and thanked him profusely and apologised for the early hour but he said he was up for work anyway. I couldnt wait to see Lel and the baby so I washed and dressed and off I went.

Lesley looked really tired, she had a pretty tough time, the baby was born at 5.30am and weighed 7lb 2ozs and she was absolutely beautiful, lots of hair and the cutest little face. I was the happiest person except for Lesley and Jim and couldnt wait to tell Steve. I stayed for a while and decided I was going home as Lesley would be in hospital for a few days. Steve and I could come and visit the hospital. I knew he would be dying to see the baby and he didnt drive yet.

Steve wasnt home when I got back so I went down town and bought a teddy and a pink dress and other bits and pieces, everything we had bought so far had been either lemon or white so I couldnt wait to buy something pink.

It was too late to drive to Milton Keynes and visit Lel so we said we would go the next day. Steve finished work at 1.30pm so we could be there in time for the afternoon visiting which I think was 2.00pm to 4.00pm.

Lel looked a lot better today and the baby looked so content lying in her crib. Steve was thrilled to see her, his first niece and my first grandchild. They had decided to call her Roxanne which we all thought was a really lovely name and it suited her.

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