Monday, 13 October 2008

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Usually whenever Dennis entered our house it wouldnt be long before it was filled with laughter but this was so different, we were all so down and heartbroken. I told Dennis that we could now arrange Sheila`s funeral and bless him he said if I wanted he and Steve would arrange it. Steve said he would like that too. They said they would go to the funeral directors on monday. I said that I would order the wreaths and flowers when we had the details. I wanted the hearse to be absolutely covered in flowers. We all ended up with tears streaming down our faces. This was just too difficult.

I asked if anyone wanted food and they said no, just a drink. I also asked Dennis where he was going to sleep tonight, he said he would sleep on the sofa. He said it wouldnt feel right to sleep in Sheila`s room. I was pleased because I didnt want the room disturbed, I knew I would have to do it but it could wait until after the funeral.

Patsy from The Moat House came with her Mum and Dad, who incidently Steve and I knew he worked in the warehouse with Steve. Patsy said they had made a collection at the hotel amongst the staff and also the customers. They couldnt believe how much they had got , they knew Sheila was very popular but had been overwhelmed by the outcome of the collection. Patsy said they didnt want to spend the money on just flowers so they suggested we might like to get a memorial plaque or something similar. I thought that was an excellent idea and something we most certainly would do. What a lovely thing for them to do, she hadnt been there very long. Once more the tears came, there wasnt a dry eye in the house.

I told them we were going to arrange the funeral on monday and after that we would see what memorial things were available and let them know. They were still collecting so after the funeral Patsy would bring the money left over from them buying flowers and together we could decide what to arrange.

Monday morning and Steve and Dennis were up nice and early both nervous about going to the funeral directors. I said for them to make sure everything was just right and not to think about money as Sheila had a life insurance policy, as did Steve. I didnt envy their job.

I was just thinking about doing some housework when there was a knock at the door. It was Linda, Dennis`s ex wife, I had forgotten she was coming today. We had a cup of tea and talked about Sheila, I told her Dennis and Steve had gone to arrange the funeral. I asked her if she would help me sort out the flowers and wreaths, she said she would.

I rang The Flower Box in the Old High Street and asked how we went about ordering the wreaths and flowers and she said if we wanted they would drop off the brochures at our house and collect them after we had decided. I said that would be perfect and she said she would be here in about 15 minutes. I was really pleased about this.

Linda helped me with the housework, it hadnt been touched for ages. You could have sand danced in the dust, slight exaggeration. She said Craig and Simon were really upset about Sheila, she had a soft spot for Simon I dont know why him more than Craig because Craig was Dennis`s son but Simon had a different Dad.

Dennis and Steve arrived just as we had sat down for yet another cup of tea. They looked drained and said it had been a really hard thing to do. They said the girl they dealt with was really helpful and took them through everything step by step. The funeral was going to be on thursday 1st November, only four days away. This was such short notice I didnt think anybody from Yorkshire would make it, but you never know. Dennis said he hadnt thought about that. We would have to start ringing everybody today.

Linda didnt stay long after they came home , I thanked her for her help and off she went. She had picked out the flowers she wanted including a posy each from the children. I rang the florist and explained that the funeral was on thursday would they still be able to get them in time if I returned the order the next day tuesday. She said yes but she must have the order by at the latest 11.00am.

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