Saturday, 25 October 2008

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Lesley and Jim`s wedding day arrived and the weather was atrocious, absolutely throwing it down with rain. The ceremony was at 10.00am so there was no time for it to clear up.

Steve and Dennis looked so smart in their suits and I had bought a really nice trouser suit in a fine cord, multi coloured . Mike had put white ribbon on his car. Lesley looked amazing. we got to the Registry Office and there were quite a few family and friends already there.
In no time it was all over and in spite of the rain we took photo`s in the grounds which incidently are really nice.

In no time we all looked like drowned rats as the rain had got worse. We all made our way to Berkhamsted for the buffet reception. They had put on a lovely spread. The alcohol was flowing nicely. So far Dennis was behaving himself but I felt on edge all the time and I really resented having to watch his every move.

We all had a really lovely time and Lesley and Jim were off to spend the night at a local hotel and the next morning were flying to Paris for a long weekend.

It worked out that they would have to stay at our house for a couple of days until they got the keys for their house in Bletchley and they had to get furniture before being able to move in. I went with them to collect the keys, which I believe would have been the 16th October the day after the severe wind that did such terrible damage.

This was the first time I had seen the house they had bought and I loved it. It was facing a huge playing field with no road, at the far side of the playing field was Bletchley Park where the Enigma Machine was.

The house was one of six and mid terrace. It had a really big kitchen/ diner and fair sized lounge. Two double and one single bedrooms. It was perfect. I bought them a dining suite for a wedding present which fitted in really well. It was a very exciting time.

Dennis was back on the drugs again, not heroin but I think the tablets he was taking Temazapan, were far worse. They were actually sleeping tablets that when used properly really were amazing but abused like Dennis did they were horrendous. They had the opposite effect. He couldnt stop talking and would shop lift, badly, usually get caught. He shambled about like a tramp. He would register at 3 or 4 different Doctors surgeries and get tablets from each of them. He had absolutely no idea what he was doing. On one occasion he left his dog Ben tied up outside a shop and completely forgot about him. Luckily he had a name tag and the police took him home after about 2 hours and Dennis was cautioned.

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