Friday, 17 October 2008

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Dennis had been back to his old ways, since Sheila`s accident ,he had as far as I hadbeen aware not touched any drugs. It was the end of January I had just got back from Belgium and I could tell there was an atmosphere between him and Steve. Evidently he had on several occasions come back to our house as high as a kite. When he was like that it completely changed him both in the way he looked, he shambled about, he looked dirty and unkempt and would strongly deny having taken any drugs.

He had taken the dogs for a walk as he knew he was going to get both barrels. We had a difficult time as it was without extra pressures from him. Of course when challenged he was full of apologies and it was never going to happen again, he had just made a mistake. He apologised to Steve but we all knew, give him a week or so and it would all happen again. We had been there, done that and got the T Shirt.

I had seen an article in the local paper about a drug centre being set up it was called Druglink A house had been converted into a drop- in centre complete with counsellers and ex drug addicts as volunteers. I was very interested in finding out more and maybe try and get Dennis to see them.

Only a couple of weeks had gone by and Dennis was worse than ever , I was really finding it difficult to handle. I rang Druglink and was put through to the guy who ran the place and proceeded to tell him about Dennis and his drug problem and before long I was telling him about Sheila and the tears came and I could not stop them . I felt such a fool but I was at the end of my tether. He said for me to try and get Dennis to ring him and they would see if they could help him.

Dennis did ring them, in one of his lucid moments and arranged to go and see them informally the next day for a chat. I dropped him off and waited for him. About 20 minutes later he came out and said they had asked if I would like to go and meet them too ,as families were just as much in need of help as the addict . I went and had a cup of coffee and a friendly chat about their aims and hopes of making a difference. It sounded very exciting. Dennis was getting on with them and they him. This was usual until he did something that would alienate them. I hoped these people werent as gullible as others had been.

Time passed Dennis was still taking drugs and still going to Druglink but this was because he had got very friendly with a couple of the ex addicts

I arranged to meet Lesley one saturday down the town , as we did occasionally and we were walking along when she asked me if she could come back home to live, I said of course she could she didnt have to ask it was her home. She said she was leaving Ian and to this day I dont know why, I assumed they had outgrown each other as he was very immature. I said I would need a little time as I would have to ask Dennis to find somewhere to live. I said leave it with me and I would start the ball rolling. Dennis was driving us mad and I would love him to find somewhere else to live.

I was a little sad about their relationship ending but really pleased to be having her home with Steve and I. Steve was shocked also, we hadnt seen it coming at all.
I told Dennis when I got home and give him his due he did understand the situation. I said I would ring Druglink to see if they could help. They told us about a house in Woodhall Farm that had been converted into rooms for people with either drug or alcohol problems. It was run by a Christian Based Charity and they had agreed to see Dennis. Druglink had recommended him and told them about the recent events in our lives.

Dennis had the initial interview and he said it went very well, he could charm the monkeys out of the trees. He had assured them that he was drug free, which was a bare faced lie. He had to go for another interview with the residents of the house, evidently it was up to them whether he would be accepted or not. He was told he would hear in a couple of days. Fingers Crossed

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