Sunday, 19 October 2008

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We did manage to get home in one piece but a lot didnt. The dogs loved the snow, they were running around, their noses to the ground, it was so funny to watch. We had dinner and watched a bit of TV and chatted then Lesley went to bed and I took the dogs in the garden. On the way down stairs I noticed a pile of snow on the landing, which I thought was strange as it was all covered in but didnt take much notice.

The dogs had another run around in the snow and we went back upstairs. I got to the landing and couldnt believe my eyes, the pile of snow I had seen when I went down was a face but not any face, it was the face of Sheila. The other odd thing was the dogs actually walked around it. I called for Steve to come and look and he couldnt believe what he saw. He immediately went and got his camera and took some photo`s of it. We were both shaking. we had a photograph taken by my ex husband of Sheila and this image on the floor looked just like that.

Bearing in mind this walkway to the maisonettes was completely covered in and Steve and I couldnt work out how the snow had got there, plus the fact you would think it would have melted. We decided to go to bed and see if was still there in the morning.

The next morning the picture in the snow was still there as fresh as if it had just appeared. I took the dogs to the garden and was shocked to see them looking at it apprehensivly and again walking around it. It was in the middle, you would have thought the dogs would have walked straight through it. There would be the milkman and possibly the postman coming to our door. I couldnt wait to get home tonight, although I was convinced it would have been trod on by someone. Also the weather was a little warmer and the snow outside was turning to slush. Steve took the film to be developed it would take a couple of days to be developed. We couldnt wait.

Steve was first home and rang me at work he said the picture in the snow was still just as it had been when I first saw it . Again he said the dogs skirted around it. It was really scary, the snow had now gone from outside but this bit amazingly, was still there. It stayed there for several days and then disappeared with out a trace. We were all unnerved and were convinced it was something to do with Sheila.

I finally got round to arranging something as a memorial to Sheila from The Moat House collection. Garston Crematorium had sent me a brochure of all the things you could do. We had about £200 and for that we could have a huge yew tree set in amazing grounds. A plaque with Sheila`s name and birth and death date would be put on it and for 10 years it would be ours and we could renew it every 10 years. We also with the remainder of the money had an inscription put in a beautiful bound book within a glass case which on the anniversary of her death would be opened at that page. Also we contributed to planting bulbs in the grounds. As of now 24 years later we still have the tree and book entries and contribute each year towards new plants.

I sent a letter and the receipts to The Moat House telling them what we had done and they were thrilled. I think because it had taken me so long, I just couldnt seem to settle my mind to do it. Maybe they were getting a little concerned. I sent them a map of the grounds pinpointing where the memorial was so they could visit.

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