Saturday, 1 November 2008

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I finished my first week at the Ovaltine Factory, it had been hard but enjoyable. I was now looking forward to the weekend. Saturday I was going to Milton Keynes to see Lel and baby Roxanne, we were going shopping. I had a carrycot safety belt fitted in my car.

I couldnt believe it Roxanne had grown so much in a week, Lel looked tired she said Roxanne didnt sleep very well and of course now she was home she had to run after Jim as well. Fetch this get that.

It was hard work with a baby when you went shopping, first you had to take the pram body off the chassis and stow that somewhere in the car which was difficult as my car was small in fact a Fiesta. Then secure the pram and baby then drive to where you were going, then unload the chassis fix the pram body to it ,get the baby bits and pieces ie nappies etc... you were exhausted before you even went to the shops. But I wouldnt have had it any other way, I was so proud of Roxanne and Lel ,of course.

Coming home we had the same with the added problem of being able to find room for the shopping we had bought. We would then have a cup of tea and usually cheese and cucumber rolls. Real contentment. I was so lucky to have such amazing children, they had never given me a moments trouble and we were so close and I loved them so much.

Then I would go home to Hemel Hempstead about 25 miles. I would then have housework to do and washing ,cook dinner, no rest for the wicked. Tomorrow Steve and I were going to visit Dennis he had sent us a visiting order from Brixton Prison, so that would be a nice day out!!! I dont think but it had to be done. Steve and I hated it. It was degrading to have to queue up and then go through the x`ray machines , have your handbag searched . Thank goodness we didnt go very often. Dennis so looked forward to our visits we hadnt the heart to not go.

I soon got the hang of my new job and really loved it. I got on so well with Donna we became real good friends. We would go shopping together at lunchtime. She was a lot younger than me about 20 yrs old. Her and her boyfriend had just rented a flat and were moving in together she was so excited.

A couple of months after I started there Donna got a really good job at Yellow Pages I would miss her so much. It was a lot more money and she needed it now she had a flat, money was very tight for them. June who worked in the traffic office didnt get on with Tom the manager so she transferred to another department.

They were interviewing for replacements for both Donna`s job and Junes job.

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Kim's Scrappin' said...

I have just found my way to your blog, thanks to your daughter - Lesley. I so enjoy hearing (or in this case reading) stories of this type. I will be back to read more of your adventures!