Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Page 143

It was really nice Dennis being in prison we didnt have to make sure the door was double locked, I could leave my handbag about the house not having to hide it. Not having to look for him down town , on a couple of occasions I had seen him in town and gone to the shops and warned him before hand not to steal anything. we would get out of the shop then he would show me something he had stolen and I had been watching him like a hawk.

I was loving not having to go to work and so was Allie . I went to Lesley`s a couple of times a week it was great. We bought loads of stuff for the baby as there was only a month or so to go. We went to John Lewis and ordered a beautiful cot and the sheets and bumper set and duvet. all sorts of things, it was such an exciting time, none of us could wait. I think Jim`s Mum and Dad bought them the pram, they had loads of things. This baby wouldnt want for anything.

It got to time the baby was due so I was going to stay overnight as Jim had to go to work early the next morning but he didnt get chance, around 1.00am Lesley started having pains so we decided to go to the hospital. Jim took Lel in their car and I went in mine as I would need to come home to see to the dog if it went on too long. I stayed several hours nothing much was happening so I went home and Jim was going to ring me when things started to happen.

Hours passed and I didnt hear from Jim in fact the phone didnt ring at all. I decided to ring Steve and let him know that Lel had gone into labour but the phone was dead. No wonder it hadnt rung, Lel could have had the baby. This was before the days of mobile phones. I got in the car and drove to the hospital, she hadnt had the baby it was a long labour. Jim had tried to ring. I stayed a while and Jim said he would ring Tina their next door neighbour if there was any news. When I got home I went and told Tina that the phone was out and said Jim was going to ring her if she didnt mind, which of course she didnt.

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