Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Page 137

The flat Dennis had been offered was really quite nice. The kitchen was a decent size and the lounge/diner was huge. It was also on intercom so that meant a degree of security was in place. It looked as though the housing association had just re decorated it .

I was off work the next day so I said if Dennis wanted I would go with him to Help and see what was available and he would also have to sort out benefits, work wasnt in his vocabulary. I met him the next morning and made our way to the Help office. I explained Dennis`s situation and they said they could probably furnish his flat for him as long as he didnt expect new stuff.

Dennis said as long as it was decent he would be happy. I was amazed some of the stuff was in really good condition. He got a cooker(electric), fridge, three piece suite really good condition and a bed also a chest of drawers and wardrobe. I told him I had got some curtains and bedding he could have , also some cooking utensils and mugs. In fact I found loads of things for him, he was really pleased. I said he could stay at our house until he was able to move in to his flat ,which should only be a few days. He would have to sleep on the sofa.

That night Steve and Lesley were out. Dennis and I had been watching TV. I got up to take the dogs in the garden I called Candy but she didnt come to me so I went to look for her. She was in her bed under the dining room table and I couldnt understand why she didnt get up. I bent down and gave her a prod but she didnt move. I called Dennis and he looked and we realised she had died in her sleep, she was 13 years old. I was so upset but at the same time realised if you had to go that was the way, just go in your sleep.Steve and Lesley would be very upset. We had had her from when she was 8 weeks old, a long time and we loved her very much, she was part of the family.

The items were all delivered over the next week and Dennis was able to move in. I made him ask for his rent to be paid direct to Circle33 from the benefits office. This way he wouldnt be able to spend the rent then get evicted.

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