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Roxy and Sam were not too impressed with the place they lived. They had to clean up other peoples mess and I think it was very noisy. They decided to move in with some friends in Northampton who had a spare room and they thought it would be better. Roxanne got a job at the Cinema in Northampton and Sam got a really good job at Barclaycard so things appeared to be going great.
All too soon things started going wrong and Roxy and Sam decided to look for their own flat or house, as they were both in work it seemed a good idea.
They found a lovely 2 bedroom house in the centre of Northampton it was just right for them and they fell in love with it and somehow managed to get the deposit etc.. together. Everybody chipped in with bits and bobs for the house
Roxy was so lucky she has found herself a really nice lad who will do anything for her and absolutely adores her. Now they are planning to get married next year and I can't wait she is the best Granddaughter a Nan could have and I love her to bits.
My story is coming to an end now Lesley and Chris are happily married and settled. Steve and Sarah are also happily married and settled.
Roxanne and Sam have the rest of their lives to look forward too. Frankie is doing good too, I just wish I knew more about him, he has got more detached from us. I feel terribly sorry that I can't write about my daughter Sheila's life but it was curtailed at a very young age.

I hope you have enjoyed the trials and tribulations of our lives as much as I have enjoyed writing it. For what I have been through one way or another I think it has made me a stronger more compassionate person. At least I would like to think so.
I would like to thank everyone who has stuck with me through My Life Story and thank you so much for your comments and support they were very much appreciated.

Happy Christmas to everyone and all the best for the New Year

Thank you

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

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I settled in the bungalow and really loved it. It was perfect for one person. Being 5 minutes walk away from Steve and Sarah was a bonus I didn't feel so isolated.
Roxanne left school around June 2006 and got herself a little casual job as a waitress at a large Hotel not far from where they lived in Chicheley. At least she didn't have the journey to Bletchley every day and she was earning a bit of money.
Chris was now a Driving Instructor and had a really nice Mini and was doing really well. They had at last sold their house in Bletchley, so that was a relief to them.
Lesley, Chris and Roxanne were not getting on that well but were tolerating each other. It helped having that big house they could escape from each other.
Roxanne got a job at the multiscreen cinema in Milton Keynes and really loved it, she met a young lad called Sam and they hit it off straight away. They went out for a while and eventually decided to live with each other. Some of their friends at the cinema lived in a house that was let out by rooms so Roxy and Sam decided to give it a go. I believe there was some opposition from Sam's Mum, rightly so but she came round to the idea.
They got a room and and were as happy as Larry, Roxanne even got on better with her Mum now she was away from home. In fact the same thing happened to my daughter Sheila and I, way back.
Spent Christmas 2006 at Steve and Sarah's and I couldn't believe it they bought me a larder fridge for Christmas, I was shocked pleasantly, I might add.

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An appointment was made for me to view the bungalow with a lettings officer for the Wednesday 30th November. Steve came with me. It was the end bungalow of just three in a Lane. Just 5 minute walk from Steve and Sarah's house. I was concerned about the size of the rooms as I had quite a large Sofa and chair and it was so comfy I would be loth to get rid of it. I was pleasantly surprised the lounge was quite big it had a recessed window so my dining table and chairs would fit perfectly. The kitchen was tiny but have found it to be very workable for one person. The bedroom was a really good size also. all in all I was impressed and said that I would like to accept it. I couldn't believe it she said I should take over the tenancy on the 5th December which was the following Monday this meant I would have to pack everything in my flat, arrange removal and utilities in both properties, it was impossible. Then the lettings officer said she would ring the gas people as the central heating needed to be checked , the bungalow had been empty for about 6 months and the heating had been drained. They couldn't come until the 6th December so I wouldn't be able to move in until after that , so she gave me another week until 12th December I could breathe again. Moving day came and Steve picked up the van and his friend was supposed to help him but he was not well so there was just Steve and I . Sarah's Dad was going to help us when he finished work. Poor Steve he was amazing he carried things down the stairs on his own like sofa, chair, dining table and chairs I don't know how he did it. I did my bit also like the small things . We waited for Bob to help lift the fridge/freezer and cooker and all the really big stuff. It was really hard work but we managed it and my furniture did fit ok. I stayed at Sarah's that night as I had no curtains up and felt very exposed but the bungalow felt like home and my little dog thought so too. I decided this would be my last move, Steve worked his socks off to get it sorted for me like curtain rails etc.... I think because it had been empty so long even the walls had got cold and it took a good couple of weeks for it to feel warm. Christmas was here again. I spent Christmas at Steve and Sarah's with her Mum and Dad and we had a great time. Lesley and Chris bought Roxanne a moped to help her get around. I was worried sick as she used to have problems with a push bike so heaven knows how she would get on with a scooter, although it only had a top speed of 30mph she also had to have tuition before she could ride it. I really don't know how she coped what with the bad weather and the roads into Bletchley being so busy the journey took about 45 minutes on a good day. Before long she was dashing about here there and everywhere. Frankie seemed to have settled with his Dad and now wife, he was left pretty much to his own devices as they had to run the pub. He also got used to the commuting to school. I am sad to say none of us saw him or heard from him , hopefully that would change ,we did try.

Monday, 15 December 2008

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Roxanne somehow got to school I think she needed to catch two buses. She was now in sixth form and had quite a few free periods.
I received a letter from the hospital with an appointment to have my Gall Bladder removed on October 24th. I couldn't believe it, of all the dates it had to be the same date as Sheila's accident.
It was to be day surgery, so all being well I should be out the same day. Steve and Sarah were going to have Meg and after the operation I was going to stay with them for a couple of days.
What would I do without them, I am so lucky to get on really well with my daughter-in-law. The day soon came and I was terrified , Steve took me and stayed a while until they started to get me ready for the operation it was about 11.00am.
The next thing I knew I was back in the ward the nurses said it was all over, I couldnt believe it I felt ok. They got me out of bed and walked me around the ward , this was to help the circulation I think. I thought it would be painful but it wasnt. I just felt a little wobbly.
Lesley rang me to see how I was and said she would come to the hospital after work . I asked the nurse what time visiting was and she said I would be going home this afternoon. I told Lesley and she said they would come to Steve's house.
At 3.30pm the Doctor came and checked me over and said I could go home and just to take it easy and that I should be able to be back to normal in about two weeks. I phoned Steve and asked if he could pick me up when he finished work but he said he would come straight away.
When Steve came they couldn't find a wheelchair to take me to the car so I had to walk and my legs were like jelly but I managed it.
By the time I got home I felt worn out . I had only been there about 10 minutes when suddenly I felt really sick and I don't know how but made it to the toilet just in time and I was violently sick and felt really unwell.
I went to bed quite early and slept like a log. The next morning I felt quite a bit better and gradually over a couple of day,s felt well enough to go home. This was the first time since Sheila's accident that we hadn't gone to the Cemetary on the anniversary.
At the end of November 2005 I received a letter from the council offering me a one bedroom bungalow near to where Steve and Sarah lived. I couldn't believe it I knew I was on the transfer list but that had only been for about a year and to get a bungalow I was thrilled .
When I went to look at it I fell in love with it. There was a small fully fenced back garden which would be perfect for Meg and quite a big front garden. I could only look outside as I didn't as yet have the keys.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

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Lesley had got a job at Sainsbury's but in HR she really enjoyed it, much better than working on the checkout. It was so handy working just around the corner from home. This I believe was full time. Roxanne was now in Sixth Form.
Chris , Lesley's husband was unable to work due to his heart condition but would soon be going to have surgery, which hopefully would drastically improve his quality of life. It was fraught with danger , as any open heart surgery is. It was certainly a worrying time for them both. It would be done at a hospital in London.
All too soon time for the operation approached , it was a double edged sword , as part of you wanted it done but the other half was scared to death. It was difficult for Lesley making the journey from Milton Keynes but she did it every day. His Mum was there also.
The operation had been a success and hopefully in time he would be able to work and enjoy life without having breathing difficulties that held him back.
I think he had only been out of hospital a month when he got himself a job. That proved what a difference the operation had made. I forgot to add previously he had been a PE Teacher until the heart problem reared its ugly head. What a terrible blow that must have been.
Lesley and he were so happy the future looked good and hopefully Roxanne would come to terms with her Mum and Dad's breakup and realise that life is not perfect. In an ideal world we would all like perfect relationships and families but we are talking about human nature and sometimes you outgrow each other. One stands still , no ambition , the other wants to move on in life.
They saw a house to let that they both fell in love with , it was in the grounds of a stately home called Chicheley House near Newport Pagnall very rural but beautiful. They decided to go and have a look at it and if they really liked it they would sell the house. well needless to say they fell in love with it and really jumped in with both feet with out really thinking it through. It would be very difficult for Roxanne to get to school as Lesley didn't drive. They put the house on the market and prepared to move into the house in Chicheley. It was really huge high ceilings beams massive rooms. I could see why they wanted it. Peacocks in the grounds. It was really the fact that it was in the back of beyond.

Friday, 12 December 2008

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It was a really difficult time Frankie going to live with his Dad. I don't think Lesley could believe it but like she said if she had refused to let him go he would never have forgiven her, this way if it didn't work out he could always come home. We all asked him to keep in touch.
Roxanne wasn't too happy at home she couldn't get on with Lesley's boyfriend and I must admit I thought he tended to take over the running of the house. Lesley liked this as Jim her almost ex husband never did a thing. I don't think he knew how to make a cup of tea even.
Lesley's ex husband was getting married to the current girlfriend in I believe May 2004 after a very short time needless to say he didn't invite Lesley but incidentally he did still ring her sometimes. I hope this new lady knows what she is taking on, although from what I have heard she will give as good as she gets. He may have met his match. The bully could be the one bullied.
Lesley also decided to get married in June 2004 it was going to be a small family wedding. Just myself, Steve and Sarah his Mum and Dad and brother and sister and of course Roxanne and Frankie . It was a registry Office wedding and Lesley had laid on a buffet which was really nice. I t was also a really lovely warm sunny day. Perfect for a wedding. We all had a really lovely day and Lesley looked radiant.