Saturday, 18 October 2008

Page 133

About a week later Dennis had a phone call from the house and they told him the residents all agreed he should be taken on, therefore he could move in next week. One thing I didnt mention was if by chance he kept out of trouble, there was a strong possibility he would be given a flat. There was an arrangement between them and the charity housing association called Circle 33.

I decided I was going to get a new bed for Lesley and decorate the room. I bought the paint etc... and waited for Dennis to leave then we could get stuck in. Lesley and Steve could do it as I was useless at decorating.

The New Year appraisals were starting at work , this meant we all had to have interviews with the office Manager who would tell us what our new salary would be and also how much bonus we would get.

We were called in alphabetically my surname beginning with P meant I was next to last. He went through the usual, timekeeping and sickness, I was never late and had little sickness time off so that was ok. The next thing he said shocked me to the core, he said my work hadnt been as good at it had always been before and could I give him an explanation as to why this had happened. I just said, ` it may have something to do with the fact that my daughter had been killed in a car accident a couple of months ago`. I then got up and walked out of the office. I was shocked , I knew that although it had been the most horrendous thing to happen to us, to him it meant nothing . You would have thought he could appreciate how it affects your day to day functioning. He had a couple of children of his own.

Later in the day he came over to me and tried to apologise but I couldnt speak to him and walked away. A few days later I received a letter from the General Manager saying how he regretted the callous way I had been treated and would I accept their deepest apologies.

Dennis left and the room was decorated and a new bed installed and Lesley moved in. It was so nice having her there. Ian would now have to sell the house in Boxmoor there would be loads to sort out.

We got up the next morning and it had been snowing over night and it was quite deep. I decided to drive Lel and I in to work which would be fun, as we lived at the top of a hill. It was really dangerous as cars coming up the hill were getting stuck and us going down were sliding sideways and it was only luck that we missed the cars that were stuck ,some broadside, but we made it if a little late. I hoped it had gone by time to go home or we would have trouble getting up the hill.

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