Wednesday, 1 October 2008

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Life went on ,it was very hard getting used to my Dad not being there. I sometimes found myself going to ring him. I rang Mrs Smith now and again, she had also found it difficult. Reading between the lines I got the impression they were relieved to have her home, not as they had put it gallivanting to Hemel every few weeks. She said she was very lonely now,she missed my Dad so much.

Sheila was now going to start her job at The Tea Clipper, incidently she did pass her driving test and had bought a little car from my friend Val, who Sheila had worked with at The Oldbury Park Hotel some time ago. It was quite old but in good condition mechanically. We decided that Sheila would drive to London and because of the lack of parking I would drive it home. In London you didnt need a car as there was always the tube and buses.

We got all her things in her room she was excited, if a little apprehensive . We were sat talking when there was a knock at her door, it was the other girl she would be working with, she had come to introduce herself. Her name was Erin she was Australian and a bit of a goth but a really nice friendly girl. She said for me not to worry about Sheila as she would look out for her. She also said the Landlord was really good and looked after them well. I felt a lot happier after meeting her, I could relax somewhat now. I decided it was time for me to go home and leave them to get to know each other. Sheila promised she would ring regularly and I grudgingly left.

Things were changing at work, my friend who was also the Sales Manager was called into the big boss`s office and told she was redundant she had been there for years. As usual what happens in a sales office is any one leaving for what ever reason , they go immediately in case the try to sabotage anything. I told her I would pop round to see her after work. She was so upset and angry.

A couple of months later Robert who was the buyer was sacked on the spot as he had been buying items to do with his hobby of graphic designing, it had obviously been a substantial amount. Again he was out the door with out being able to say goodbye. As I had been his assistant I expected my job to change.

Sure enough I was now expected to do most of Roberts work as well as my own with the same pay. Our jobs were so precarious no one dare to complain. I loved the job so I was happy to be taking more on.

Sheila was loving her new job, her and Erin were real mates and by all accounts were having an amazing time. Sheila was bringing Erin to out house for the weekend as the pub was closing for two days for redecoration. Sheila was eager to show Erin around Hemel . They got all dressed up and took Steve with them and said dont wait up.

I didnt hear them come in but they all had hangovers the next day . A good time had been had by all evidently. We had a lovely roast dinner, Erin said she hadnt had a family dinner since she left Australia. Her Mum lived in Queensland but Erin had been in Sydney.

I drove them home that evening and I arranged to meet Sheila on her next day off and we would have a mooch around Harrods. They said it was very unlikely to both be off.

Dennis was going off the rails again I think I made a mistake , my Dad had quite a bit of money in his wallet when he died and I gave it to Dennis. He had been clean for quite a while and I didnt think he would buy drugs but he did. We didnt see him for a whole week we had no idea where he was. He did eventually turn up looking really scruffy and admitted he had been in London.

It soon became obvious that he was back on heroin, he would go out early in the morning, usually without food and not come back until the evening. He would be shoplifting all day and selling the proceeds to then buy his heroin. Steve and I knew we had now to make sure everything of any value had to be hidden when we were at work.

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