Monday, 27 October 2008

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I went home and the first thing I did was to ring Lesley, she was as shocked as I was. I said I would go and see her the next day and we could have a chat. In one way it was good because I would be able to go with her to the hospital checks, also I would have the money to buy things for the baby. On the flip side, I was out of work and 49 years old, this did worry me a lot.

When Steve came home I told him, he couldnt believe it. I discussed it with him and decided I would not look for work straight away, as it was the end of June and Lesley`s baby was due in August, so after then I would seriously look for work. If something turned up in the mean time then obviously I would take it.

The only things I bought were new carpets for the lounge and dining room and a beautiful three piece suite which was an absolute bargain. I went to Mike`s sister Junes one day and a neighbour who lived a couple of doors away from June`s shop came in and was talking about selling her three piece suite which she had only had a couple of months as it was too big for her new flat she was moving to. I asked her what it was like and she said it was a Chesterfield type in a sage green dralon. She said since she had it, it had been covered in throws, so it was in perfect condition.

June asked if could see it and Toni said yes. So off we went, her flat was beautiful very classy the suite was amazing just what I would like to have. I asked her how much she was asking for it and was shocked at her reply, she said £300 I was shocked it was immaculate. Incidently she wasnt without money as she was a High Class Call Girl. Her morals were not my concern she came across as a really nice person. I said that I definitely wanted the suite and £300 was fine. I said the only problem was I would have to hire a van to get it to my house which might take a few days. I knew she was moving in two days time. She said that would be fine and June said if the worst came to the worst she would keep it at her place. She lived in Hammersmith, London and I lived in Hemel Hempstead.

Everything worked out well the carpets were being fitted the following day and and the day after that I had managed to hire a van to collect the furniture. I was so excited. Dennis was going to have my old suite which was better than the one he had.

I couldnt believe the difference, my lounge looked amazing, it was a really big room and the carpet and new suite fitted perfectly. Steve really liked the suite, it was so comfortable. Now I had to try and keep Allie from sitting on it or it wouldnt last five minutes.

I had a call from Dennis, he had been arrested for fraud and deception, they had finally caught up with him for getting prescriptions from different Doctors Surgeries, six in all. Also changing the quantities on some of the prescriptions. He also asked them to take into consideration a couple of shoplifting cases he had pending and a burglary.

He was bailed for two weeks which was unusual as previously he had always been remanded in custody. He said his solicitor asked the judge to bail him as he had a dog and wanted to make arrangements to have him taken care of. The Judge must have been an animal lover.

I picked Dennis up the next day and we went to Druglink to ask if they knew of anywhere that could take Ben. Dennis said his solicitor had said he could be looking at a sentence of 12 - 18 months, which meant he would serve approx. 6- 9months. They came up with a Charity based dogs home and made arrangements for Dennis and I to go and see them and take Ben with us.

We did this and as I have said before Dennis could charm the birds out of the trees and before long the lady we saw had fallen for his little boy lost look and it was all agreed they would keep him until he came out of prison.

He got a twelve month prison sentence so I took Ben to the kennels it was very sad leaving him. I said I would ring them regularly to see how he was and also keep them informed as to when Dennis would be out of prison. If the sentence had been longer than 12 months then he would have lost his flat but upto 12 months ther D.H.S.S paid the rent. I had the keys so I would keep an eye on it.

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