Saturday, 11 October 2008

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Friday came and the postman brought loads of cards of condolence, also a postcard from Erin when she was in Scotland with her Mum, for some strange reason it had taken a week to get here. It was very sad. This decided Steve to go and try to find her new flat and tell her the sad news, I hoped she would come to the funeral but I would understand if she decided against it. Steve promised to ring me when he could.

I was so tired I hadnt slept properly since this happened, all I had done was drink tea and eat the odd biscuit. I just had no appetite. I really wanted Dennis to ring, I couldnt bear the thought that he wasnt aware of what had happened.

I thought I would pass the time doing some housework but my heart wasnt in it. I went and sat in Sheila`s room, it was the usual tip, I would have given anything for her to be lying in bed and me trying to get her up for work. I couldnt count the number of times she had fallen asleep in the bath , just about everyday and I would be hammering on the door trying to wake her.

The telephone didnt stop ringing a lot of my relatives in Yorkshire were asking when the funeral was, I told them I had no idea, the powers that be said they would let me know as soon as all the medical examinations were complete. I said I would ring as soon as I heard.

The local newspaper had rung and asked if they could come and have a chat with us but I said we werent up to it yet, maybe after the funeral. I had to get out of the house so I decided to take Allie for a walk in the woods to get away from the phone, also the poor dogs had been sadly neglected and needed some exercise, as did I. I was back after about 10 minutes, I needed to be at home ,I dont know why but I had this feeling that I needed the security of home.

Steve rang me that evening he had found Erin and she was very upset, she just couldnt believe it. He said he was on his way home. Lesley and Ian came that evening, I told them I still hadnt heard from Dennis. I had found a couple of telephone numbers from way back but they were unobtainable.

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