Thursday, 30 October 2008

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Lesley and the baby went home after 4 days. Now the hard work starts, sleepless nights and everything that goes hand in hand with a new baby. I couldnt see Jim doing much he was very much like my ex husband, all over the baby in front of visitors but when they were gone so were they.

Well , now I would have to start looking for work as the money was getting very low. I decided to go and sign on at an agency and do temp work. The first place I got was the Royal Mail it was for 6 weeks which was really good. I would be working on Customer Service and believe me it was very busy. I also had to open all the unable to be delivered post to enable them to be returned to sender and there were loads, like sacks full.

The agency rang me about a job at The Ovaltine Company as a Despatch Clerk she didnt have many details so she suggested I give them a ring. I spoke to the personnel officer and the first thing I said was I was 49 years old and if that was too old to please tell me before we went any further. She said she guessed I had come up against the age barrier, I said I had on several occasions.

She assured me that wasnt the case in this company and past work record and experience was the key. She asked me to go and see her the following day. The job I had applied for required a good head for figures, which I had , accuracy, which I prided myself with. She read my CV and said I appeared to have all the experience in my previous jobs that they were looking for. She said she would have to pass on my application to the Warehouse Manager and they would let me know if he wanted to see me. I had a good feeling about this job.

A few days later I received a telephone call at the Royal Mail from Ovaltine asking me to go for an interview in two days time. I was thrilled. The Warehouse Manager was a nice enough guy, he hadnt been there that long himself. I dont think he was far off retirement age. The interview went well and he said he would like me to have a short interview with the Stock Controller who I would be under if I got the job. This I did and I didnt feel at all nervous and it went well.

I was then taken back to Personnel and asked to wait a while and the Personnel Officer would come and have a word with me. I was a little confused as usually you were told you would hear from them in a few days.

I waited about 20 minutes or so before she came and apologised for the wait I had but thought I wouldnt mind as they were offering me the job if I wanted it. It took me a second or two to realise what she had said, I said yes please. The wages were quite a bit less than I had at my last job but I didnt mind, I really fancied this job and they all seemed so informal and friendly.she said she would get a formal letter in the post and I could start 1st October.

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