Tuesday, 7 October 2008

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Allie got a clean bill of health from the vet and I got her insured which was a relief. She really was an amazing dog . I knew Dennis would love her when he got out of prison , he loved dogs and was very upset when Angel died. I did write to him to tell him about Allie and I believe Sheila did too.

Dennis had now been moved to Wormwood Scrubs Prison in Shepherds Bush, London which meant it was easier for us to visit him but it was a dreadful place, according to Dennis. From outside it was very forbidding. We all hated visiting these places but it had to be done. I think I had visited most prisons in England over the years. Not something to be proud of.

Erins mum was coming to England in early September and wanted to tour England, Ireland and Scotland with Erin. They were planning on three weeks to do it all. Erin asked her boss if she could have the three weeks off and he said no way, bearing in mind she had been working there for over a year and had only had a couple of odd days holiday. He wouldnt budge so Erin handed in her notice as she couldnt let her Mum down and she would need to find somewhere else to live as when she left the job she would also be out of her room. She had a month to find somewhere.

Luckily it was London , so it wasnt difficult getting accommodation. Sheila went with her to try and find either a flat or room. They found a decent cheap flatlet which consisted of a bedsitting room and kitchenette and shared bathroom in Chelsea, London. The timing was right as the day she would leave the Tea Clipper she was due to move into the flat.

Sheila was very upset that Erin was leaving and decided she was going to also , she couldnt face being there without Erin. She rang me in tears and explained the situation and asked if she could come home, I said of course she could, it was her home, there was no need to ask. I said Steve and I would drive up when she was due to leave and bring all her things home.

It was lovely having Sheila home she could now see how well Allie had settled in. It was job hunting time again. She saw an advert in the local paper for a bar manager at The Moat House in Bourne End , to live out. Although she hadnt been a bar manager she knew she could do it and was going to give it a go. She was sure her experience in the The Tea Clipper would stand her in good stead. She was such a confident girl and very smart.

She got an interview and to everyones surprise even her own, she got the job with an immediate start. She would be on a months trial ,due to her lack of managerial experience. She had obviously talked a good talk.

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