Tuesday, 30 September 2008

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We finally got home it had been a long harrowing day. Steve and Dennis took the dog for a walk and I started to cook dinner. We all had to get our lives back on track.

Sheila was saying she was a bit fed up of her job now. She loved being behind the bar but wanted a bit of a challenge. A friend of hers had said she used to work in London and had a great time, Sheila said she quite fancied this. I suggested we go to London to see what was available, it would have to be live in.

We were both on holiday so we decided we would go the next day. It would do us good to get away for a day. We decided to call in at Mike`s sisters shop to have a chat, as if Sheila did get a job in London it would be nice to be able to see her Auntie June now and again.

June thought it would be a good idea for her to work in London and said if ever she wanted anything she could just give her a ring. We started at the job centre in Hammersmith where June lived. There were loads of live in bar jobs. We ended up with about a six interviews spread all around West London.

There were two in Hammersmith itself but went we went to look at them they were a bit rough so we then went to Notting Hill there was one there. It looked quite nice although the area left a lot to be desired. There was junk littering the roadside, mattresses etc... Sheila went in for her interview I sat and had an orange juice.

Sheila finally came out and said she had got the job but was a bit hesitant because the landlord said it did get very rough at the weekends. We decided to go to the next interview which was The Tea Clipper in Knightsbridge in a road just opposite Harrods, a much nicer place than Notting Hill at that time (1983).

Again Sheila went for the interview and I had another juice and a sandwich, she was gone for ages, when she finally came out she said she really wanted this job it sounded a bit of a challenge. She had told the landlord that I was in the pub and he suggested we both go and look at the living accommodation, which we did. There was a huge high ceiling room with a single bed and a huge sofa and chair and dining table and chairs , it was really nice. Down a few stairs was a nice bathroom and kitchen.

The landlord said there was another girl who also worked there and had a room next to the one Sheila would be in. There was also a barman but he didnt live in. The wages were really good and there was a fair time off but they were expected to work hard in the busy times. Sheila accepted the job. I felt apprehensive it being so far away from us but knew it would be a real experience for her. She was such an outgoing person and she needed a challenge.

The landlord said the girl who was leaving to get married wasnt going for four weeks, so if Sheila wanted the job it was hers to start on 1st September. So it was all settled she had just to give them a ring when she was coming and provided her references were ok that was it.

When we got home there was a letter from the Driving Test Centre with a date for her test which fortunately was next week. If she passed, which I was sure she would because she was a really confident driver, she wouldnt need to take any time off from her new job.

She went in to work the next day to hand in her notice, she could give a months notice which they were pleased about, although they said they were realy sorry to lose her as she had been such an asset.

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