Thursday, 31 July 2008

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I went to the Doctors on Monday morning the Dr. examined me and said he was certain I was pregnant but I needed to take a urine sample to the hospital to be certain. The next morning Lesley and I went to West London Hospital and made our way to the path lab. I knocked on the door and a lady answered , I told her why I was here and she said “I am sorry but we haven’t got any toads” , I looked at her and said “pardon” she laughed and said to test the urine for pregnancy they had to inject toads with it and if they produced frog spawn or whatever, in either 12 or 24 hours I have forgotten which, then pregnancy would be confirmed. She said the weather had been so dry they couldn’t find any toads so could I come back tomorrow. I was stunned I had never heard anything like that ,I was still unsure as to whether she was having me on but she obviously wasn’t.

I told just about everyone I knew and they were just as puzzled as me. Lesley and I went back the next day and sure enough they had found some toads. I was to ring them the next afternoon and they would be able to either confirm or otherwise. I rang the hospital and I was pregnant I was so thrilled, rang my Mum at Harrods and she was really pleased ,I could hear her telling everyone in the office. Next I called in the woolshop and told Mikes Mum. She said she had better get knitting baby clothes again and gave me a big hug.

I hoped I wasn’t going to have such an awful pregnancy as I had with Lesley as I now had her to care for. So far so good I felt fine just a little queasy in the mornings.
Mike said he was pleased but I think he would have rather it hadn’t happened No change there then. I had to go back to the doctors to arrange ante natal etc…The doctor said the boundaries had now changed and I couldn’t go to Princess Beatrice Hospital where I had Lesley I now had to go to Parsons Green Maternity Hospital. Big disappointment.

Everything was going great Mike loved his job driving the fruit and veg lorry, he had not been out drinking,no violence I felt really well and Lesley was thrilled about having a brother or sister. Mikes Mum had already knitted matinee coats,cardies and bootees , loads of stuff. It wouldn’t be so expensive this time as we had the cot and pram loads of clothes if it was a girl none if it was a boy. We had the bath ,playpen and baby chair.

I was really piling on the pounds I started out at 7st.7lbs now at 5months I was 11st 3lbs I had to borrow a coat off my Mum. I couldn’t believe how well I felt, exact opposite of carrying Lesley, needless to say everyone said I must be having a boy.

It was time to go to the ante natal clinic for my six month check up, this would be a really thorough examination. I would have to take Lesley, it would be a long stint for her ,although she never complained probably because everyone made a fuss of her. Even though I say it myself she was a beautiful little girl big blue eyes and blonde hair almost to her bum.

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