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The landlord, Mr Press said that he would get people in to do the kitchen, as my Dad probably wouldnt have time, this was great as we would now have a bedsitting room. We had bought a really nice three piece suite, it was charcoal grey with purple trim and the sofa converted into a double bed. Mike had built a lovely fire surround with a highly polished shelf. He also decorated the room ,with my Dads help, it was looking good.

My Mum was busy with the cake and loads of other cooking. I had bought a really nice dress, it was white brocade just below the knee with a bolero type top. It was a bit big but the smaller size was way too small. Mrs Wheeler, the lady who worked on the grocery counter was a dressmaker in her spare time, so she altered the dress for me and made an excellent job.

Mike had invited his best mate from his airforce days, he was called Enoch a nick name I believe. His wedding present to us was a honeymoon weekend at a pub called The George in Fordingbridge, this was so unexpected as we were only going to have one night in a hotel and then back to work as we didnt have any spare cash.

The wedding was booked for 11.00am on saturday 20th August 1960, we were both very nervous. Mike had told his Mum, she was livid and adamant that she would not go, poor Mike he was very upset but she wouldnt change her mind. My Mum and Dad offered to go and try and talk to her but she said she didnt want anthing to do with us. She said she no longer had a son, a dreadful thing to say.

It was a good job Junes family and Molly and her husband were going, there would be 5 of them and about 25 of us, pretty one sided.
We didnt have any wedding cars as my relatives were coming from Rotherham in their cars so we would use them.

My Mum had got it all sorted, after the buffet Mike and I would be off on our honeymoon by motorbike. My Mum and Dad were going to take everybody else into the West End and tour around Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and other places they knew they would all enjoy it. Even June and Molly went and they had lived all their lives in London but had never visited these places.
A couple more days to go, our little flat was perfect, we had got the rings the food was virtually all done, our house looked really great. My Mum was amazing, she had made a feast with very little money. The kitchen was finished at last it was quite basic but adequate we could titivate it up when we came back from honeymoon.

Our wedding day arrived, I know Mike was upset over his Mum not coming but everyone tried to persuade her but she was very stubborn. Mike said he would never have anything to do with her over this.

Everyone eventually arrived from Yorkshire all safe and sound, it was a great atmosphere in our house. I went and had my hair done, then came back and got dressed, I was very nervous but I felt good and looked good, Mrs Wheeler had done a great job with my dress, it fitted like a glove. I went downstairs and everybody in unison went `wow` and said I looked like I should be a model, that was because I was so skinny.

Well this was it , my uncle George had just bought a new car so he took me and my dad to the registrars office, Mike was already there, so in we went, it was very cramped there were so many of us but it was great.

It was all over in about 10 mins. and it was back to our house for the reception, Mike and I were so happy. It was very odd, I felt a different person, like older a very odd feeling. The buffet my Mum and I had set out looked great, there was loads of food, we had such a good time.

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