Sunday, 6 July 2008

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The next morning we went to see the police doctor, that was a full internal and external examination, I had never felt so humiliated, why they needed to do this I do not know, unless it was to see if I was pregnant.

They told me that they had found Jackie , that he had been charged, we were to appear at the Magistrated Court the next day (wednesday) when Jackie would have to enter his plea of guilty or not guilty. They also put the fear of god into me they said I would have to stand in the witness box and give my side of things, dates, times and whatever else I was asked. I had never ever been in a court . I had no idea what it was like, my Dad asked if it would be open to the public they said yes and I knew the irish lot from work would be there.

I happened to pick up the newspaper when we got home, I could not believe it it was front page news, I started to read it but couldn`t, I said I wouldn`t step outside the door again as everyone now knew the sordid details. I just lost it I couldn`t stop shaking I was sure my life was over I was so bad my Dad went and got the Doctor. My Mum explained to him what had happened and he gave me a sedative and gave my Mum a prescription for some tablets. I think it had just hit me, I dont think it had sunk in before reading the paper.

My friend barbara came round to see me, she explained to my Mum and Dad that she had been the one to tell me about Jackie last week, she said she had been to the police station to offer to be a character witness, also to explain a few things, this was a true friend, I dont know if I would have done that for her but I hope I would.

I was an absolute nervous wreck , the next day I had to appear in court, how did I dress, I had no idea, I knew it would be traumatic just seeing Jackie in the dock, would he acknowledge me, ignore me or what.

We all ,that is my Mum and Dad and myself arrived at the courthouse my Mum and Dad went into the court I was told to wait along with other people I didnt know. I was to wait until I was called.

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Lori.Carter said...

This is such a great story I can't wait for more. Very very good reading
Thanks Lori