Tuesday, 22 July 2008

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We were exhausted by the time we got back to the Oval, we unpacked had a bath and a chat with my Mum and Dad and then went to bed.

It was really strange getting up the next morning and having to think of someone other than yourself for breakfast, then fight for the bathroom. good job we left before everyone else.

Wow! I hadnt realised we would be going to work on the motor bike, no more tube. The downside was having to take a change of clothes to change into at work but we had panniers. Off we went , speeding through the streets , in and out of traffic it only took us 20 minutes to go from one side of the river to the other, by car it could take anything up to and over the hour.

We arrived in Fulham in one piece, I said goodbye to Mike and crossed the road to Sainsburys, my first morning as Mrs Prior. I really did feel odd. Got several wolfwhistles as I entered the shop clad in leather bike gear. several good natured comments were made as I expected there to be. June said they had had a brilliant time going around London with my relatives. She said her Mum wasnt talking to her or Mollie now. I was dreading her coming into the shop, I wasnt sure whether to attempt to speak to her or wait for her to make the first move. I decided to play it by ear.

I met Mike at lunchtime and went for lunch, it was nice, the hour soon passed and he said he would wait for me outside the shop as he finished before me. The afternoon passed quickly. I met Mike and got on the bike and he took off like a bat out of hell, showing off in front of my workmates. Bikes sounded really throaty in those days, boys will be boys. We arrived home to our little flat and guess what I had to cook dinner, I wasnt used to this, I usually came home sat down to one of my Mums delicious dinners. My Uncle Ken had bought us a pressure cooker for a wedding present, Mike suggested we tried it out. We found a recipe for pork chops with apple, we both fancied that. Mike peeled the spuds and I got the rest of the stuff together, followed the instructions and the damn thing scared us both to death, steam was hissing out everywhere but about 20 minutes later I dished up a meal fit for a King. We had the pork chops with apple mashed potatoes, carrots and gravy. all in one pot. Our first dinner in our own flat as husband and wife, I dont think I had been happier.

My Mum called us downstairs to have a cup of tea with them, they wanted to hear about our honeymoon and tell us what the others had all got up too. We chatted for ages, everyone had a really good time and said they would all come back for our 1st wedding anniversary so Mike and I could share it, a nice thought.

Mike went upstairs first, I stayed a while longer when I eventually went upstairs he had washed up, made our bed up and we sat and watched TV , very cosy.

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