Friday, 1 August 2008

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I was weighed had blood taken then had to wait for a midwife to listen to the baby and other things, then I would have to see the consultant as it was the six months check up.
The midwife called my name off I trotted having to leave Lesley on her own. The midwife was getting me worried she had been listening for ages and kept moving the listening thing all around my tummy. I asked her if anything was wrong she said no she wanted to get someone else to listen, I was really scared now.

The consultant came and he was doing the same thing moving all around my tummy. He said they were a little puzzled and would like me to have an x-ray(there were no scans in those days) .I asked if there was any danger with the x-ray but they assured me it would be so light that it was harmless.
About half an hour later I was called into the consultants office and he said to look at the x-ray plate I could’nt make anything out he got up and pointed to what looked like two babies one above the other. He said hadn’t I realised yet that I was carrying twins,I nearly fell off my chair, I couldn’t speak, he asked if I was pleased I said ecstatic but in shock, I really was stunned and thrilled at the same time.

The consultant then went on to say that the procedure at this hospital was people carrying twins went into hospital for a months compulsory rest at 51/2 months as I was more like 61/2 months I didn’t think it would apply but of course he said it did and that I would have to come into hospital on Friday it was now Wednesday. I told him I couldn’t do that as I had a little girl almost three and there wasn’t anyone to leave her with for a month, everyone worked.His next words shocked me, he said that in that case they would arrange foster care. I said that Monday would be the earliest I could make it as I had a lot of thinking to do . He reluctantly agreed and off I went my bubble had been well and truly burst. I had never been away from Lesley since she had been born and I didn’t trust anyone with her.

I knew my Mum couldn’t have her because of her job a week yes , but not a month, same for Mikes Mum.The first thing I did was ring my Mum at, Harrods. I asked if she was sitting down as I had something important to tell her, I could hear the panic in her voice, I said “well you are going to have three grandchildren soon I am having twins. I could hear her shouting out to everyone”my daughter is having twins”.

I then explained that I had to go into hospital on Monday for a months rest and didn’t know yet who was going to have Lesley. She said she would come over on Saturday and talk about it but that she was thrilled to bits and so would my Dad be, I wasn’t sure about Mike. The next person to be told was Mikes Mum she was also thrilled and said she had an idea about Lesley and she would discuss tonight when she came home and see what we thought.

Lesley was really excited she kept saying two babies for us. I was really worried for her and for me ,I would miss her so much.


Mike came home from work in a good mood which was helpful with what I had to tell him. I said , “ would you like to sit down a moment I have something very important to tell you. I have been to the hospital today and they thought they might have found a problem, I had to have an x-ray and they found that there was two babies…..we are having twins” I thought he was not going to be very pleased but just the opposite he danced with me around the room grinning from ear to ear. I was so pleased with his reaction as it could have gone either way and he could and probably would at some stage make my life hell but at the moment euphoria.

When Mikes Mum came home from work she had a suggestion about Lesley when I go in hospital she suggested us asking a girl across the road, Marjorie who also had a little girl, a little younger than Lesley if she would look after Lesley during the day until Mike or his Mum got home from work. She was a really nice girl, she was married and lived with her Mum and Dad, it would be ideal . Mikes Mum said she would go straight over and ask, they could only say no. They lived directly opposite us. When she came back she said they would love to have Lesley she would be company for her daughter and they knew what Lesley was like ,they had known her from birth. I felt a load lifted from my shoulders because I knew she would be looked after. In the mornings Mikes Mum would get her washed and dressed and breakfast then take her to Marjories and first one home would collect her and bring her home.

My Mum came on Saturday morning and she was relieved that it had been sorted. We were going shopping I needed some things to take into hospital with me. I was going to be so fed up, 1 month doing nothing , missing Lesley. We were just coming out of a department store called Barbers chatting away about the twins when a lady tapped me on the shoulder and said she couldn’t help overhearing us talking about me having twins. She had had twins almost a year ago and wondered if we would be interested in buying her twin pram as she now used a pushchair. I said yes we would. She said it had hardly been used as they went everywhere by car. It was a Silver Cross High Slung pram ,navy blue outside and inside with the silver line on the bodywork that was Silver Cross Trademark, it sounded amazing. I asked how much she was asking for it as it sounded expensive. She said she realised what a shock it must have been to learn about the twins at almost 7 months and that money was probably tight for us. She said did we think £15 was reasonable. It was still a lot of money in those days but my Mum bless her said that would be fine she would pay for it. We arranged to go and see it .they lived in Wimbledon not to far from us.

We went home and told Mike and he said lets go straight away it sounds to good to be true. So off we went me my Mum, Mike and Lesley we found the house ok, very posh it was. She let us in and said we were quick. When we saw the pram it was absolutely beautiful it looked as if it had just come out of the shop. We said yes we would love to buy it. The next problem was getting it to our house, poor Mike he offered to walk home with it about 6miles but luckily the womans husband came home and he had a van and said he would deliver it for us. What a bargain right place right time.

When the guy arrived with the pram he said his wife had put a few things in the pram that might do us a turn, when I looked there were sheets and a couple of pram blankets in excellent condition. I now had to explain to Lesley what was going to happen. She seemed to understand and said she would be very good for Marjorie and would try not to miss me too much and that she would be very brave. The tears were running down my face, how could an almost 3 yr old understand the situation, it was quite amazing. She then said I should try and be brave and not miss her too much.

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