Saturday, 12 July 2008


We eventually got to Whitehill and Bob said, would I stay and talk a while so he could have a breather before the walk home, so we stood and chatted about everything under the sun, how he felt about Barbara and his hopes and dreams. Then said goodnight and off he went home, a perfect end to a perfect night out after all my doubts. I think I would now be on the road to recovery.

When I got home my Mum and Dad were waiting up for me, it was gone midnight, they were beginning to worry. When they saw and heard what a brillliant time I had had they were thrilled, they also said we all had to look forward never back and off we went to bed, it had been a very eventful day and night.

I really started to get myself together now, I was even going back to work. I hoped i was ready because I knew I would have to face all my colleagues and the Irish Mob but I thought that I could cope, only time would tell.

Two nights later, I believe it was Monday there was a knock at the door and there stood Bob he said would I like to go out with him for a drink, I was puzzled but said yes. I didnt tell my Mum and Dad that he was Barbara`s boyfriend I know I should have but for whatever reason I didnt. I just said it was someone I had met when I was out with Barbara. I quickly got ready and off we went. Bob said he knew he shouldnt have done this but he couldnt get me out of his mind he just wanted to go out and spend some time with me. We went to the local pub had a few drinks and a good laugh.

We found that we had similar interests, we seemed to be on the same wavelength. He said it was difficult having a conversation with Barbara as she had no idea or interest in anything other than clothes and makeup. She was a bit like that and she would be the first one to admit it. A while back we both went to join the Army, we had to take intelligence tests to assess our capabilities so they could see what job we were suited for. I was offered a job as Air Defence Operator but unfortunately Barbara was only offered domestic or kitchen work, so we decided the forces wasnt for us but that sort of typifies Barbara but a better friend you couldnt wish for. Going out with her boyfriend was definitely the wrong thing to be doing.

There was no romance, it was just a couple of friends going out for a drink, if it had been two females it would be acceptable. After everything I had just been through the last thing on my mind was a relationship of any kind. As we parted company I said to Bob I didnt think we should go out again unless he cleared it with Barbara, he said she wouldnt understand that a woman and a man could be just friends. At the back of my mind I had a nagging doubt , I thought perhaps he had had a different motive for taking me out, so that was the last time I went out with him without Barbara. It worried me because I didnt want to see her hurt and I didnt really trust him. I must admit it made me feel good that someone actually found me of interest, I remembered my Mum saying no decent person would look at me once, let alone twice. Well she was wrong thank goodness.

I was back at work, everything was much better than I thought it would be, even the Irish Lot said hello . I am sure they thought that I was aware of Jackie being married, hence the behaviour.

It was June time and my Mum and Dad had decided to go to see my Auntie Eva and family in London for a week, they asked if I would look after Dennis and when I was at work my gran would have him. They said they needed to have a break. I suspected an ulterior motive , which they strongly denied but I would wait. I was sure they were thinking of moving back to London , time would tell.

We got a couple of letters from them saying what a good time they were having. They got back on the saturday, guess what, they had found us somewhere to live in Shepherds Bush, London. my Dad had got a job and it was time to start packing once more. My Mum said it would be a fresh start for all of us. I knew that was why they went to London, as usual no discussion, just take it or leave it, actually I was pleased I loved London. Dennis was really upset, he really didnt want to leave his friends, he didnt remember London as he was only about 3 yrs old when we left. He was nearly 10 yrs old now.

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