Monday, 14 July 2008

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I got a job in Central London, Goodge Street, as a telephonist at a clothing manufacturers, the only problem was the whole company were or appeared to be related and Italian and I could not understand a word they said ,needless to say I stuck it for 2 days by that time my head was buzzing, they didnt talk they yelled at each other even on the telephone. On the second day I went for lunch and never went back.

I was walking down North End Road, Fulham one day with my Mum and Auntie Eva, when as we passed Sainsbury`s I saw a sign in the window for a shop assistant so in I went had an interview there and then with the manager, it went really well and he said he would write and let me know if I had been successful. In those days it was just an ordinary shop with seperate counters for different goods ie...Butchery, Grocery, Cooked meats etc....

I got the job at sainsbury`s and had to attend their training place at Blackfriars Bridge, in those days this was compulsory. I was really looking forward to it. I was due to start the following monday, this was June 1959.

My Mum was looking through the Evening Standard newspaper one night when she saw an advert offering a three bedroomed house, furnished, to rent at a place called the Oval. It had a small garden, two reception rooms,and a kitchen, it sounded just what we were looking for. The problem would probably be the amount of rent they would ask for. My Mum rang the people and asked about the rent they said it was £5.10s a week not including bills, the guy gave her the address and we arranged to go and see it the next evening.

My Dad stayed to look after Dennis and Mum and I went to view the house, it was just around the corner fron the Oval Cricket Ground in a road called Claylands Road. The road looked nice and quiet, they were terraced houses ,the one we were looking at was next but one to a lovely green, it looked perfect. We knocked at the door it was opened by this seedy little man, scary, my Mum and I both looked at one another but he seemed nice enough. The house was just what we wanted, the furniture was a bit dowdy and old but reasonable, in the living room was a huge built in dresser. We really liked it. The guy said he would like to meet my Dad to make sure he was happy with it. We said he would come the next night. We all went the next night my Dad felt the same as us when he saw it.

The owner Mr Press was really impressed when my Dad told him he was a painter and decorator, he said my Dad could do what he wanted to improve and update the property and that he would provide all the paint etc... My Dad was happy with that and named a couple of things he thought would improve it.

So we were on the move yet again, no furniture to move, Dennis was not too happy another change of school just when things were settling down for him. We were moving to the other side of the Thames much too far to travel to school for a 10 yr old.

We went back to Shepherds Bush and told Karen , she was really upset as we had all become good friends, she got so upset my Mum told here there was enough room if she wanted to come with us, my Mum is really crafty the rent was higher than this place so Karen paying her rent would help out. You have got to hand it to my Mum, she was quick of the mark. Karen decided she would come with us, I was pleased, at least I would know someone and we did go out together occasionally.

We all settled in , my Mum was seriously looking for a job, she eventually started work at a wool shop in Brixton, she really enjoyed it. Dennis started his new school ,this time with no problems, he had almost lost his Yorkshire accent. He made loads of friends they would knock for him in the mornings to walk to school, everything seemed to be going our way.

Karen and I decided to go to Battersea Park Fun Fair one day,on the way she was really sick, she said she had an upset stomach, we still went at her insistance, we did have a great time we went on just about every ride.

I started training at sainsbury`s , it was great,it was all done out like shops, we had to serve each other .I really enjoyed it.


dufzor said...

Interesting! My grandma was an orphan in England before she came to the US in her 20s.

mRsGaToR said...

I just sat here and read all 31 pages tonite! What an interesting life you have had and I cannot wait to read more!

shemic said...

Thankyou very much. Glad you are enjoying the blog