Thursday, 24 July 2008

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It was the middle of November, absolutely pelting down with rain but off we went to Southend, the weather stopped us doing such crazy things we usually did but we still had a good time. We both agreed that perhaps we might have to think about giving up our friday nights as the things we were doing were getting more and more dangerous and we could end up killing ourselves. We had been in the cafe for a couple of hours chatting and we decided we were going home as the weather was just getting worse.

We were going along the Southend Arterial road , the traffic wasnt too bad but suddenly we could see an accident quite a way in front of us, Mike began to slow down when suddenly a black car directly in front of us must have not seen the incident he suddenly jammed his brakes on and went broadside across the road and we had no where to go we were heading straight for the middle of the car, there was no time for talk Mike just elbowed me off the bike and made for a gap of about 2 ft between the car and the kerbside. Next thing I knew I was flying down the road on my back and watched Mike pass me on his back with the motorbike alongside him in a shower of sparks. The next thing I was aware of was lying in the gutter with someone leaning over me saying something but it seemed so far away. It was probably only a few seconds but it felt like hours before I got myself together, I had no idea what I was doing in the gutter, then Mike walked over to me panic stricken. I tried to get to my feet with a couple of peoples help but I had done something to my right leg I couldnt put any weight on it, Mike said his right leg was the same.

The ambulance arrived, the lady in the car that caused the accident had been more badly hurt so she went in the first ambulance. then it was our turn, Mike and I limped into it, then realised Mike had got a real bad cut on his right arm, blood was dripping everywhere. I had a really bad headache and felt dizzy and ached all over but we were alive thanks to Mikes quick thinking and pushing me off.

We arrived at the hospital, we had x`rays and they didnt find anything broken. They assumed we had hit the car with our right knees and were badly bruised. I had a couple of broken ribs which they thought Mike had probably done when he elbowed me off the bike. He probably saved my life, so whats a couple of broken ribs between friends.

The lady passenger in the car had badly fractured both her legs, the driver who was obviously not reading the road or he would have braked much sooner than he did and more gently, not pit boots job. He was unhurt. The police had a word with him first then came to us and took statements from Mike, I at that time couldnt remember anything after being in the cafe.

Mike said we would be in trouble now because we had no `L` plates, Mike hadnt even taken a test he said they would throw the book at us. The hospital released us even though neither of us could walk very well, we had massive bandages on our legs. I was strapped up around my ribs. The police took us back to where the bike was, which incidently wasnt too badly damaged. It was hilarious there was one policeman holding the bike up another lifting Mike on it as he couldnt bend his leg, then the same for me. We must have been in shock and the police out of their minds allowing us to drive about 20 miles through London in that state.

We managed it going about 20 mph. When we got to our house we had real trouble getting off the bike it took us ages. It was about 4.00am we had to get my Mum and Dad up to let us in as we couldnt find the door key, they took one look at us and started to panic, they helped us in to the living room and Mike immediately passed out in a heap on the floor, according to my Mum I was talking gibberish my Dad said he thought I was concussed.

Somehow they got us into their bedroom, which was downstairs and called the Doctor because by this time we were both out cold. It was Mike that came round first and was able to tell them what had happened, that the hospital had discharged us and the way the police sent us on our way. If either of us had passed out on the bike, the outcome doesnt bear thinking about. The Doctor came, was told the story he couldnt believe what he was hearing and said he would come and see us tomorrow, get the full story and make a formal complaint. He said I had concussion as by this time I was vomiting and for Mike he thought he had fainted because he had been under such stress getting us home, when we got there it was relief. I dont remember anything about that night but said he thought I was dying he had to keep shaking me to make me breathe.

The next morning Mike was shattered as he hadnt had any sleep due to his concern about me. I on the other hand felt much better headwise but both of us were in agony with the bruising all over our bodies but the worst by far was was our knees. At last the doctor came, he gave us injections of painkillers, got all the details from Mike and was going to speak to the administrator at the Southend Hospital that afternoon and he would be back on monday to check on us but to ring him if we were worried ,mainly about me and my head. My crash helmet told the story well as the left side had a great gouge out of it and all the paint scraped off.

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