Tuesday, 15 July 2008

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One thing I had difficulty in was the butter, it was in great big cubes. it would be cut into smaller pieces in the warehouse then you had two wooden paddles in a container of water and knock it into 4oz or 8oz packs according to how much the customer asked for. The teacher said that practice would help. The cheese counter was the same, a massive piece of cheese about 2ft square had to be cheese wired into, again whatever quantity the customer asked for, I was good at this, I seemed to have the ability to judge the correct quantity.

When I started at the shop I was put on the dairy counter working with two other girls, one was called June she was married with an 8 yr old son the other girl also called Sheila came from Yorkshire, she was a very odd girl, really old fashioned in ideas and dress. She was a really nice , I believe from what June the gossip said that she had a tough life.

The counter next to ours was the cheese counter that was run by a young guy, my age called Vic, very nice too. It had been a long time since I worked in a shop, it was hard work on your feet from 08.30am until 5.30pm including saturday.

Karen was looking really peaky, she was sick a lot, my Mum began to think she was pregnant, so she asked the question and surprise she was. When she had told her boyfriend he told her she was on her own as he was married and already had a child. Karen was shocked that he wasnt going to support her. My Mum said she would have to contact her Mum and return home, she was loath to do this but really had no choice.

My Mum had a word with Vernon to see if he would offer Karen financial help as he had plenty of money, he was a pilot with B.O.A.C. which I believe is now B.A.. He declined and said it was Karens problem. What a nice man !!!!

Karen wrote to her Mum who promptly came to see her and take her home. This was the first time we had met her. The first thing she did was smack Karen across the face and she called her Beryl, of course my Mum jumped to Karens defence and said that was uncalled for. Her Mum asked why we were calling her Karen we said thats what we thought her name was. Then the woman went crazy said it was my Mums fault her daughter had got pregnant, she said there must have been a lack of supervision, my Mum pointed out that Karen was 22 yrs old and if any one was to take respnsibility then it should be her for allowing her daughter to live in London on her own. Poor Karen was bundled out of our house with all her bits and pieces and we never saw or heard from her again.

Dennis had really settled in here, he had loads of mates, whether they were the right ones remains to be seen, they seemed very streetwise not very family orientated. We hoped our closeness would keep him on the straight and narrow, we hardly saw him he was 11yrs old now.

My Dad was doing ok he had changed jobs but was still caretaking at posh flats called Palmerston House. The pop singer Leapy Lee lived there, I believe he had a top ten record called Little Arrows, my Dad got on with him really well and Leapy gave him some cuff links that were dartboards on one side and darts(little arrows) on the other.

My Mum had just started work at Harrods as an assistant buyer in ladies fashions, how she got the job even she didnt know apart from being very smart and having a love of expensive clothes, she had little other experience. She loved the job and before too long she was promoted to buyer.

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