Thursday, 10 July 2008

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I got to the end of the Avenue there was about a half mile walk down the Lane to the bus stop but I could relax as there were no more houses only pit ponies. My next hurdle was to get on the bus, again I was convinced everyone would be looking at me. The bus came and the first person to get off the bus was my cousin Tony, I hadn `t seen him since before all this happened, thank goodness there wasnt time to chat, just a quick hello.

I got on the bus and went upstairs as arranged with Barbara, there were two or three people up there. I knew I looked good but I was still scared stiff. We were approaching Wickersley Crossroads and I could see Barbara standing at the bus stop, thank goodness we had at least got this close to Maltby.

Barbara came upstairs and the look of shock on her face, she said she couldnt believe the change in me from two nights ago, she said I looked like a model. I said I had given myself a good talking to and it looked as though my hard work paid off.

We eventually got to Maltby got off the bus, the pub was across the road, I was petrified, I said that I didnt think I could actually go in the pub she said if I didnt then I had wasted my time and effort, with a bit of persuation I went in. The noise did my head in, music and voices they all seemed to be shouting, then I realised for the last 3 months I had only been to the court and at home.

It was a sea of faces, I was still certain I was being stared at. I followed Barbara as I had no idea what Bob her boyfriend looked like, her boyfriends for some reason all looked like back ends of buses, then I saw a guy waving and she waved back he was really good looking, blonde hair and wearing a powder blue suit and midnight blue shirt, very striking with the blonde hair. I turned to Barb and asked if that was him she nodded and asked if I approved, I nodded, she said " keep your eyes off he is mine".

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