Friday, 11 July 2008

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We got to the table and Barbara introduced us , I noticed another girl from work called Dot was there too and I disliked her intensely. Barb said she had invited her to make me feel more comfortable as a foursome. Bob got the drinks in, I asked for a Babycham but he came back with a Cherry Brandy that was my favourite, Barbara had obviously briefed him.

Then they were all talking but I couldnt seem to join in, I felt I didnt want to be there, my only thoughts were to think of an excuse to leave but couldnt. Barbara was aware I was having trouble and really tried to get me talking. I realised it was too soon to be socialising. I dont know who it was buying the drinks but they were coming fast and furious. I was drinking them like there were no tomorrows. I was drinking them as though my life depended on it, in retrospect I think it did. Before too long I realised I was chatting away and really having a good laugh.

I really liked Bob, he seemed a really nice bloke and I was very pleased for Barbara. The night went on and we all got very drunk, me first because this was my first drink for well over a year. We eventually left the pub, Dot lived in Maltby so she just went home, Barbara, Bob and I all lived on the same bus route, Barbara about 3 miles away at Wickersley Bob about 6 miles away in Canklow and myself a further 2 miles at Whitehill. We then found out we had missed the last number 87 bus which would have taken Bob and I directly to our homes, so would have to get a bus into Rotherham and then another one to our villages.

When Bob and I got into Rotherham Bob asked me if I would like a coffee before we caught our next bus, I said I would love one. A new coffee bar had just opened it was really nice , filled with lovely green plants and a really nice feeling, a juke box in the corner but not in use as we were the only ones in there.

I think the person serving was pleased to see us . Bob ordered two Expresso`s and we sat and talked . Its amazing how alcohol can make you forget all your troubles, at this moment in time I hadnt a care in the world , I was sat drinking coffee with a good looking fella and couldnt have been happier.

We finished our coffee and went to catch the last bus which left at 10.45pm , we thought we had loads of time but we just saw the rear of the bus leaving the bus station, now where was the alcohol, because I just panicked, I was almost running in circles . Bob said it wasnt the end of the world but it was for me, it meant walking home, which was ok being with Bob but he lived in Canklow and I would have to walk about 3 miles along the woods and then railway sidings, which was really scary with not a house in sight. The thought terrified me. If I had explained this to him he would have perhaps understood why I was behaving like a headless chicken.

I did tell him of my fears and he was really annoyed that I thought he would let me walk on my own. I said he owed me nothing , I certainly did not expect him to go past his house take me to mine then have to walk back to his. He insisted ,so off we went . We had a good old natter, he told me about the kid things he got up to , I told him about my time in London, he had never been out of Rotherham he didnt have to do National Service as he was a coal miner and this was what they called essential work.

It was a freezing night so we walked arm in arm to try and keep warm as neither of us were dressed for walking. It was nice , it was comfortable. He obviously knew about the trial and everything but no comment was made, Barbara had probably said it might not be a good idea.


Ersen Özbaşaran said...

Hi, i'm reading your story and enjoying it but English is not my native language, so simetimes i find sentences which i do not understand. I look up dictinoary but sometimes it's useless. For example, what do u mean by "he told me about the kid things he got up to"?. Can you explain please?

shemic said...

Sorry Ersen that means the silly things he did as a child ie knocking on doors and running away before they answered generally doing silly childish things. In future I will try to put in an explanation. Many thanks