Tuesday, 29 July 2008

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When I got home I was pleasantly surprised the sitting room had been decorated, there was a roaring fire. The crib was all set up and it looked lovely Mike said his Mum had done it. The first thing we did was collect the pram from the pram shop ,it was all paid for ,they just held it until the baby was born. Then we went and got all the bits and pieces we needed.

In those days there were no disposable nappies, only terry nappies. Things were great for the first few days Mike was off work, ostensibly to help me . He may have made a cup of tea but that was about it but I didnt expect anything else.

Mike went back to work he was still a milkman but was fed up of it. Now that he had gone back to work I could get myself into some sort of routine. Lesley was doing really well the health visitor who came every day for the first week weighed her and she had put on weight. I think Mike was jealous of the attention I gave to the baby but you have to its all new and scary.

We still had the old problem decorating he still hadnt done the kitchen or bedroom and it looked a real doss. I had suggested my Dad would come and do it but Mike said no it was his problem. Fearing the worst I dared to ask him if he would make a start on Saturday when Lesley and I were going to my Mum and Dads for the day. Surprise he said yes it would be easier with us out of the way.

Saturday came I had cleared everything out of the kitchen, left the relevent paint and paper out. Made him breakfast. The taxi came Mike was sat in the living room having a cup of tea and off Lesley and I went. We had a lovely day Nan and Grandad spoiling their grandchild and Dennis trying to get a look in.

Time to go home, I couldnt wait to see how much Mike had done. The taxi dropped us off at our house, we went in and guess what Mike appeared to be in the same position as when we left 6 hours ago. Everything was as I had left it. Nothing done I could not believe it. I put Lesley in the crib by the door into the kitchen. I asked him why he hadnt done anything and he jumped out of the chair like a cannon I thought thats my lot but no, he put his fist straight through the glass of the kitchen door. Lesley was showered with glass and blood I was petrified and grabbed her I couldnt care less about Mike he dashed out of the front door with a nappy wrapped around his arm. There was blood everywhere, I cleaned Lesley up she wasnt hurt (no thanks to her father)at all in fact she was still asleep. I fed her then put her in her pram with a few clothes and nappies and set off to walk to my Mums this was about 15 miles away. I wasnt thinking straight. I just didnt want to be there when he got back from I assume the hospital. I realised what I was doing was crazy, my Mum hadnt got room for us and I didnt want to tell them what had happened so I turned round( I had walked about 3 miles) and went back home.

Mike was in when I got back he had evidently cut an artery, if someone hadnt stopped and given him a lift to the hospital he could have bled to death. Do you know I didnt care . He was full of apologies he said he thought I had left him. I said I was going to but had no where to go, that I had certainly not come back for his sake. As far as I was concerned I could never forgive him for endangering our daughters life. He said he couldnt believe what he had done a red mist....I stopped him and said no excuses it was his guilt at not doing any decorating. I realised as far as I was concerned our marriage was over.

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