Tuesday, 15 July 2008

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I was doing ok at Sainsbury`s, I was now able to work all the counters except the butchery dept. My favourite was the cheese, apart from loving to eat the cheese the guy called Vic had a certain pull. We soon started going out to the pictures on his motor bike a Triumph Tiger Cub 250cc. He hadnt passed his test so we took off the `L`plates, we had great fun. He said he and several of his mates and girlfriends were going to a place called Seaford in Sussex, camping. he asked if I would like to go with him. I had never been camping before, I didnt know the other people but I said yes anyway. It was September and the weather hadnt been that great. we were leaving on the friday night after work and returning sometime sunday.

Vic was due to take his motor bike test on the wednesday before and we were hoping he would pass, then I could legally be a pillion passenger but no, he failed, he was so disappointed but we were still going on friday, legal or not.

Friday came the weather was terrible, it didnt stop chucking it down all day, we didnt have proper clothing, so we were going to be saturated by the time we got there.
We eventually met up with his mates and set off, visibility was terrible this was my first time going any distance on a motor bike but I loved it spite of the rain. It seemed as though we had been travelling for hours, I think we left Fulham at about 6pm we arrived at Seaford around 9pm. It was pitch black and we had to pitch our tents, it took us ages, while the guys were doing this myself and the other girls tried to make something to eat, it was hopeless we couldnt see our hands in front of us, we were soaking wet and had no clue as to how to light a fire but we had such a good laugh.

The lads were not to happy as after putting up the tents they now had to light a fire, we did say we would cook the beans, they werent very impressed, still it turned out ok the beans were edible, we had a nice hot cup of tea. Then because it was so wet and dark we decided to retire to our tents, they were so small and we had to sleep in our wet clothes, it was the worst night I have ever spent, I must have dropped off to sleep and woke up shivering along with everyone else. At that point we were all in favour of going home ,even though it was only 6am but at least it had stopped raining and it was warmer. We had a vote and it was decided we would at least have breakfast and decide after that.

At least I could see now where we were, it was just along the coast from Beachy Head it was very similar, huge cliffs not as steep as Beachy Head, it was quite a nice place, the only facilities were toilets no where to wash, I found out it was either go dirty or wash under a cold stand pipe that was supposed to be for drinking water but it was good fun, the sun had come out, it was warming up lovely.

Breakfast and ablutions(washing) over we had all decided to stay, the lads dared each other to go up the cliff on their bikes, it was a really dangerous thing to do but they had a go and only Vic and another guy managed it both up and down ,it was almost vertical. It looked real scary. Then Vic said " come on Sheila get on the back ,see if we can do it with 2 up" I knew this was suicidal, they only just managed it solo, two didnt even manage that but on I got, I thought if my numbers up I will find out shortly.

The others were all egging us on so off we went, we made it to the top, looking down it did look vertical, I must admit I was scared and I believe Vic was despite the bravado, off we went , it was great, so great we did it a couple of times but none of the others would, they thought we were crazy, no, just show offs.

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Camila Julia said...

Wow, you were a real dare devil. I wouldn't go on a bike like that on a bet!

Love the story so far!