Thursday, 17 July 2008

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June and I couldnt believe it, I couldnt have looked worse if I tried. She finished my hair and this time combed it out so I didnt have to go home with rollers in. Another knock at the door, it was Mike again, he said he came back to ask if he could take me home, I was so taken aback I said yes, then thought to myself what a strange thing to do. I had known him about 10 minutes, perhaps he felt sorry for me the state I was in when he first came round, a slight improvement now but I didnt have any makeup on.

We sat down and had a cup of tea, June and Mike were making up for lost time, catching up on the last 2 years. Mike and I left about an hour later, we walked to Fulham Broadway Tube Station and got the tube to the Oval. We chatted all the time about what he had got up to in Germany, it sounded as though all they did in their spare time was drink excessively. I liked him he was very polite and had good manners, which meant a lot to me, I couldnt stand ignorance. We eventually got to the Oval, I thought he would go straight back to Fulham but no he said he would take me to our house. When we got there I asked him in for a cup of tea but he said no. He asked if I would like to go out with him the following night, he was meeting up with some mates. I said I would like that and arranged to meet him at Fulham Tube station.

It seemed a long day, June was pleased we were going out. I had told her about the Jackie thing, she had this knack of getting you to talk almost with out you realising it until it was too late. Little was said about it other than her saying he deserved the prison sentence.
I met Mike as arranged he said we were meeting his mates in a pub just off Coomer Road where he lived, it was called the Plough it had been their hangout before his National Service. All his mates were dustmen, I had never met a dustman before, I always thought they were the lowest of the low, no brains be a dustman or a road sweeper. What a snob I was!!

We eventually met up with his mates, they were really nice lads, very smartly dressed and we had a really good night. The following Saturday was the annual, wait for it ` Dustmans Ball ` this was a big affair evidently, it was held at the Town Hall. They asked if Mike and I would like to go, I thought Mike might say no, as we only met the previous evening, he asked me if I would like to go I said yes, so we had another date.

I didnt see him again until Saturday ,the night of the dance, I had bought myself a lovely dress, a lilac shirtwaister, my Mum said it looked really good, dont laugh but I also wore white stilletto shoes and bag and I wasnt an Essex Girl!!!! My hair at that time was blonde, shoulder length, I must admit it looked good with the lilac dress.

I met Mike at the tube station, this was actually opposite the Town Hall. I could see he was impressed, he looked me up and down and said I looked great. We met up with his mates and girlfriends inside, we had a really good time, I enjoyed the whole evening they were a great bunch of guys. It finished around midnight . I said to Mike I would go home by myself this was nothing unusual for me, in those days the tubes were relatively safe places. He wouldnt hear of it, he said we could go to his house first, which was only up the North end Road as he had told his Mum he would take me to meet her.

We got to his house to find his Mum had gone to bed. He had just bought a motorbike a couple of days before a 650cc A.J.S he said he would take me home on it rather than walk back to the station neither of us had a coat and it was freezing cold so I borrowed a jumper of his, what a sight. I was a bit nervous about getting on the bike as we had both had quite a bit to drink and the biggest bike I had been on before was Vic`s Triumph Tiger Cub, still nothing ventured nothing gained. Thank goodness drink driving hadnt yet become an offence.

It was a very powerful bike, it was quite amazing, speeding through the streets of London, hair blowing in the wind, freezing cold. I could get used to this and at that time I hoped that would happen. We got to my house in one piece, said goodnight, he asked if he could see me on Monday, he said he would pick me up on the bike at about 7.00pm. This time I would be suitably dressed.

Mike came to our house monday he came in and met my Mum and Dad and Dennis, had a cup of tea then went to show my Dad the motorbike my Dad really liked the bike but said that I must get a crash helmet (they were not compulsory then). We also found out that Mike hadnt taken a test, let alone passed it. That weekend we went to the big motor bike shop called Pride and Clarkes, I believe it was in Brixton. We bought crash helmets and leathers, matching of course. Mike said we were bikers now.

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