Monday, 21 July 2008

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It was time for us to get changed into our motorbike gear and go to Fordingbridge, we were to go to Enochs house, (I believe his name was actually Aubrey) and he would take us to the pub.

There were no motorways then so it would take us a couple of hours at least. What a terrific send off we had ,they were all stood shouting and waving to us, we were on our way. They were all going round London sightseeing, there was now about 30 of them, they had gathered some of mine and Mikes friends as well. We would hear all about it when we got back, Mikes Mum didnt know what she had missed, still her loss can you imagine not going to your only sons wedding.

It seemed a long journey, as conversation on a motor bike is virtually impossible, our journey was mainly done in silence. We eventually pulled up outside Enochs house, which, incidently was right next to the New Forest almost backing on to his garden. All his family came out to see us, which was really nice. Enoch was admiring Mikes bike, it was very impressive, all dark blue and chrome. Enoch said he had just bought `some wheels` as he put it and out he wheeled a Lambretta scooter, Mike couldnt believe it, they had both had B.M.W.s in Germany. He said to me jump on I`ll take you round the Forest I thought he was joking but no off we went flying round the paths that ran through the Forest, I was just praying that no horse crossed our path, I enjoyed it, we seemed to have been gone ages we made our way back and there was Mike with a face like thunder, I thought he had been concerned for my welfare but no, he just said to Enoch ask my permission next time, I hoped he was joking but as the future would tell ,maybe not.

We went in and had some tea, then Enoch led the way to the pub- The George, it was really beautiful, very olde worlde the room was beamed and had a four poster bed, what a lovely wedding present this was turning out to be. Enoch said to get changed as a meal was booked for Mike myself, Enoch and his girlfriend who we hadnt met yet. After that we were going on a pub crawl around Fordingbridge. This was totally unexpected but very welcome.

We met up a couple of hours later and had an excellent meal at a local restaurant then off on our pub crawl. Enochs girlfriend, whose name I have forgotten was a really nice girl we all got on really well. The night was passing really quickly and we were very very merry to put it mildly.

I remember at one point the lads were unscrewing a Dentists brass plaque off the wall outside a dentist shop then walking off with it. Further up the road we came to a vets surgery , guess what, they took down the vets brass plaque and in its place put the dentist plaque then we walked back to the dentists and put up the vets plaque, we were falling about laughing, we thought it was hilarious. The Dentist and Vet may not have been too happy on monday morning.

The pubs finally shut, good job as we had all had too much to drink. Mike and I headed for our pub and Enoch and his girlfriend went to their respective homes. We arranged to meet the next morning at 11.00am.

We got up for breakfast the next morning, it was a beautiful day 9.00am and the sun was shining. We were told our breakfast would be served outside on the terrace. We couldnt believe it, the terrace overlooked the river Avon, it was an idylic place, absolutely perfect for a honeymoon breakfast. We only had one night booked but it had been unexpected and we had had the best time, such a laugh. We had no idea what was planned for the rest of the day. We would probably leave for home at about 6.00pm at the latest. We both had to be back at work on Monday morning.

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