Tuesday, 29 July 2008

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A nurse came into my room and said my Mum and Dad were on their way and sent their love. I knew they would be thrilled....their first grandchild. Mike still hadnt phoned the hospital, he had been a Dad for 5 hours and didnt know. I still felt pretty rough, I didnt like not being able to do anything for myself but couldnt move.

The door opened and in walked my Mum and Dad with grins from ear to ear, then suddenly their faces changed to concern, I must have looked pretty awful. My Mum had tears in her eyes she said she didnt know whether it was because she was now a Nan or how I looked. I went through what happened and they were shocked but pleased we were both ok. My Dad had given me a hug but hadnt said anything. He was overwhelmed he had been so ill over the years he didnt think he would live long enough to see this. The nurse brought in the baby and cot and that was too much for them both. Through the tears of joy they said how beautiful she was, they were so happy.

Mike eventually walked in at 1.30pm full of apologies but I still dont know what kept him. He was shocked to see the baby he didnt know I had given birth, he was probably wetting the babies head last night. He was thrilled, so he said but was more interested in how many stitches I had, when I told him he didnt believe me and went to get confirmation from the Doctor and thank him for saving the baby.

The next morning I still had no feeling from the waist down. I had to be washed and have my hair done by a nurse, I was really weak and they wouldnt let me do anything. I was bored it sounds nice having a private room but it is very lonely, no one to speak to. The nurse said she would ask about me being moved to the main ward.

That afternoon they bundled me and my flowers and bits and bobs on a trolley and took me to the ward, the bed I was having was right at the far end of the ward. I have never felt so embarassed but the other Mums quickly put me at ease by requesting a royal wave. I had no sooner been put in the bed than this person came over saying I had been moved out of the labour ward to let her give birth to her son, we became good friends and this friendship lasted 43 years even though they emigrated to Canada in 1966.

The baby we had decided to call Lesley Sharon, she was doing really well, her cuts and abrasions had healed but she looked very strange because her eyes were blue and part of the whites of her eyes were still bloodshot from the bruising, so she had red,white and blue eyes. She was a very happy baby, hardly ever cried.

Three weeks later we were allowed home at last, the delay had been for me not Lesley. I was very happy but scared as I knew I wouldnt get much help at home.

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Knot the Tie said...

Hi. Wow this is amazing. I just found your link via your daughter's blog. And it's so amazing. So personal. My daughter had a pretty difficult journey into this world, and just tonight I was watching Friends with her and Rachel's baby was born. And it came flooding back again. The agony and the ecstasy and the unconditional love that you talk of, that you feel instantly. She's 5 and I'll never be the same again. Which is a good thing! Most days.