Friday, 18 July 2008

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Our relationship continued improving, we found we liked the same things all in all I could see a future, at least I knew he wasnt married.
One friday evening Mike came round and suggested we went for a run to Southend, just for something different, it was a nice dry, clear night, although it was early March. Just as we got on the Southend Arterial Road we came across about 20 other bikes all racing along, Mike couldnt resist it so we tagged along with them. My god it was hairy, we were doing (I found out later) about 100 miles an hour, in and out of traffic , eventually the other guys turned right into a cafe, we pulled in with them, it was called The Blinking Owl . We got off the bike and some of the other bikers came across to us to chat about the bikes, as you do, to cut a long story short they asked if we wanted to join up with them every Friday. They all came from various parts of London and met up at different places each week, they said not to bother if we were afraid of giving the cops a run for their money, hence the different meeting places. After we had several cups of delicious Expresso coffee we said we were going on to Southend but would definitely meet them next friday they told us the time and place. Mike and I were really pleased we were really having an excellent time although dangerous. A walk on the beach would just finish it off.

Mike said I was a brilliant pillion passenger he said he couldnt tell that I was on the back, I loved it, I felt I was part of the bike. I didnt care how fast we went or how many risks we took the faster the better. When I got home I took of my boots and found my right boot on the outside was scuffed to bits, that just showed how low down we had got going round the roundabouts. I had seen sparks where the footrests had scraped the road but hadnt realised I had scraped my new boots.

My Dad wasnt impressed but he knew whatever he said I wouldnt listen, so he told us to just to be careful. Mike had got himself a job at Marks and Spencer, in the warehouse in the North End Road store, the money was pretty bad but better than nothing.

Friday came round, we went to meet the bikers, fully expecting them not to be there but they were, we had to wait for a couple more then off we went to the cafe. This time it was even more daring, instead of going round the roundabouts on the left side we all went on the right side into oncoming traffic, because there was so many of us they had to get out of the way, it was suicidal but we loved it. This was doing speeds of up to a ton, we were called the ton up boys, sad isnt it.

We sat outside the Blinking Owl as it was a really nice night, they discussed the nights activities so far and trying to decide what the plan was for the return journey. I sat with some of the other pillion riders, mostly female.

The friday night dice with death became a regular thing, we had all been lucky so far, not that we ever thought about the danger.

One day Mike came round and asked me if I wanted to go to Windsor, he said there were a couple of rivers and he wanted to go and get some snails for his pond, he had recently built this in his Mums garden. I thought it a bit strange . He gave me a couple of jars to put in my pocket, we got on the bike and off we went . we were just approaching Vauxhall Bridge Road when Mike started saying something, I couldnt hear him for all the traffic noise, he was obviously concentrating more on me hearing him than what he was doing because the next minute we were both sat on the road with the motor bike at the side of us, talk about embarrassing, hundreds of people waiting for buses ,in one of the busiest places in London, we looked at each other and burst out laughing, we saw the funny side of it. I said the jars were still intact, we got up and bowed to the audience and continued to Windsor, neither of us even had a scratch.

We did some really daft things, like I had been off work sick and I had to post a sick certificate to work. Mike said hop on the bike save walking, the post box was near the Oval Tube Station.
It was such a lovely night we decided to go for a ride, we ended up in Brighton, I posted the letter then we walked to the beach(pebbles) it must have been midnight although we had no real idea of the time. We suddenly realised that my Mum and Dad would be worried sick as it should have only taken us 5 mins. to post the letter. Here we were walking on Brighton Beach at midnight. We thought we had better make our way home, god knows what speed we did but but put it this way, it didnt take us very long.

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