Sunday, 16 November 2008

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My house looked really lovely, such a change from when we viewed it. The furniture looked great it fit perfectly. I just new I would be happy there.
I really didn't want to go to work on the Monday I would much rather have stayed home but needs must. I hadn't as yet met any of my neighbours but I am sure I would before long.
At work Helen who I got on really well with was transfering to another department which was a really big promotion, she deserved it she was excellent at her job. I would really miss her as a workmate and friend. There was only Helen and I in our office.
You never new what the new person would be like. We already had a new person in the despatch office and she was a nightmare. It was her way or no way, she was from Durham. The transport manager was smitten and she could do no wrong she even pulled his strings and he wasn't even aware.
Roxanne and I was going to Jersey in May, it would be Roxanne's first time on an airplane and she was so looking forward to it and so was I. I had been several years before and loved it. I thought for Roxanne it would be good for her first flight, as it only took about 40 minutes.
I had booked a short break 3 nights in a five star hotel. She may have been only 8 years old but she loved dressing for dinner etc...
We had an amazing time, I had made a mistake by not hiring a car so everywhere we went we had to go by bus, which wasn't too bad as they were laid on by the hotel. I took Roxanne to the Jersey Zoo and we had a really lovely time in spite of it raining all day. we managed to go to loads of places. The hotel was very sumptuous and the food lovely. It was right on the beach at St.Brelades Bay it was called Golden Sands. All too soon it was time to go home and I promised Roxanne that we would come again and do it properly full board and a hire car.
Back to work and there were not one but two new people in my office. They seemed ok but time would tell. One Sandi was South African from Zimbabwe. The other a young lad was from London Colney.
Frankie was now at fulltime school and had settled in really well. I had been concerned about him leaving his Mum as he was a real Mummy's boy, also with his speech but there were no problems at all ,thank goodness. Lesley had been right, I was wrong. My Grandchildren never ceased to amaze me. They mean so much to me.

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