Saturday, 29 November 2008

Page 172

Had a delicious meal at Steve's and had a good chat. He was looking so much better.The old Steve was back. Sometimes you have to give yourself a good talking to and get things in perspective to enable you too move forward. If it was meant to be then it will happen. I had really enjoyed my time at Steve's but now I had to go home and see to the dog.
Lel had applied for a job at Debenhams a new store was being built, she hated it on the checkouts at Sainsbury's. She was successful and started as soon as it opened. Her hours mostly fitted in with the children but if on odd occasions they were on holiday or something then I would have them. We would go to Howe Park Woods and have a picnic, we had some really fun times.
The summer all to soon passed at least I didn't have to do that journey to Kings Langley every day in the dark. I did find the winter very depressing mostly unable to get in the garden and my house was quite dark as it only had a small window in the front room.
One day Lesley myself and the children were in Westcroft the local shopping area when as we passed the bookshop I noticed a card in the window asking for a part time person, I quite fancied that and Lesley said I should apply so I memorised the telephone number to ring them later maybe.
I did ring the next day and was asked to go to the shop for an interview, which I did and got the job. The hours were only as and when needed it could be twice a week for two three hour shifts. It was ideal as I was definitely getting bored with being at home all day a couple of hours here and there would be great and in a bookshop too, perfect.
Also if I needed to have Rox and Frankie they would be able to come to the shop with me as there was only one person at any one time. At first I found it a little scary being totally on your own in the shop albeit only small. It was more involved than I had thought as there was loads of books to be ordered for people especially for students. It was very interesting. I loved it once I got the hang of things.
Steve rang me one day around October time and said he was back with Sarah and I could tell from his voice he was over the moon. In spite of my misgivings I was thrilled for him and hoped she wouldn't hurt him again. I realised she must have had quite strong feelings for Steve the first time they went out together and perhaps could be forgiven for panicking. Fresh start, New page, Fingers crossed.
I had really liked Sarah, I had liked her down to earth attitude. I really thought they would be good together.

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