Sunday, 2 November 2008

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A couple of years passed and Roxanne had grown into a beautiful little girl. Lesley spent so much time with her, doing all sorts of things. She would often spend weekends with Steve and I. We decorated the single bedroom and had new carpet with Teddies on, she loved it.

Steve had passed his driving test and had bought a Vauxhall Cavalier, I must admit I was scared for him after what happened to Sheila. Lesley rang me one day and said that she was pregnant Roxanne would be three yrs old when the new baby arrived, exactly the same gap as Lel and the twins. I did tease her that she might have twins and she wasnt amused.

This wouldnt be such an expensive time as she still had the cot and pram and loads of bits and pieces, loads of clothes if it was another girl but they would like a boy. Either would be fine just as long as it was healthy. We were so thrilled.

I still went every saturday, I dont think I missed any since Rox was born. I really looked forward to our shopping trips. It would be more difficult with another baby but we would cope. Lesley coped with pregnancy really well and looked the picture of health.

Lesley had another difficult birth but both mother and son were eventually ok, they named him Franklin, where that came from I do not know, as previously they said if it was a boy it would be Connor and if a girl Scarlet but it was Franklin. I have to be honest I really didnt like the name, thank goodness they were going to call him Frankie. He was a lovely little boy he weighed less than Roxanne 6lb 5ozs if I remember correctly.

I stayed at Lels house while she was in hospital to look after Roxanne and I really enjoyed it. She was a joy to be with. Cant say the same about her Dad, him and I just didnt get on, it wasnt for the lack of trying, we just had different outlooks on life. In fact we were chalk and cheese.

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