Friday, 7 November 2008

Page 152

I rang the Estate Agent to come and give us a valuation so we could put it on the market. We were shocked as he said it was worth , at this moment in time around £43.000 but to put it on the market at £45.000. We negotiated the estate agency fees, which were extortionate. Later that afternoon a For Sale sign appeared, so we had better keep the house tidy. we had agreed with the estate agent that if we were unable to be there for propective buyers we would give them a key.

Steve was really excited as he could now look for a house or flat for himself. I was scared I would be technically homeless. I know the guy from the Housing Association said I would have to wait about 3 months but could I rely on that. I didnt really get on with Jim my son-in-law, so I was taking a chance. I would just have to bite my tongue.

Over the next week several prospective buyers came to look and said they were really keen but no offers were made. It was a waiting game, the right person would turn up eventually.

Dennis was once more in trouble, he had been arrested yet again for theft of Doctors Bags and burglary and deception and goodness only knows what else. You could paper a room with the length of his charge sheet. He was allowed out on bail until two weeks time. He said this time he was looking at a prison sentence of about 3-4 years, his longest yet. This meant he would lose his flat as they would only pay his rent for a maximum 1 year. He would also have to get his dog re-homed as again he was warned that the kennels would not board him again free of charge whatever his sentence.

Dennis rang Blue Cross to see if they would re-home Ben as he was going to prison and they said just give them a ring when he wanted to take him. We arranged to do it the following Saturday it was no use leaving it to the last minute. He would hopefully get a good home as he was a lovely dog and deserved a good cosy home. It was very upsetting but as I would not have a home of my own I couldnt have him.

Dennis went to court and received a 2 yr custodial sentence, much less than he expected. He would only serve 12 months if he behaved himself. I got in touch with the council who paid his rent and asked if the length of sentence went on time served or sentence imposed. They said it was on the sentence imposed, therefore he wouldnt qualify. the other thing I found out was that Dennis hadnt even told them he was going to prison. They said this now meant they would have to wait for his rent to get into arrears then take him to court and eventually evict him. I could just see the outcome Dennis would get out of prison and find he had just been evicted. At least he could make arrangements for when he came out.

We still had a steady flow of prospective buyers but no offers as yet. Steve had been to look at quite a few houses and flats but not found the right one yet. We really needed to get an offer on our house because his deposit would come out of the profit.

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