Wednesday, 12 November 2008

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I dashed home from work that monday evening and went home to have a cup of tea and pick Lesley up, Jim was looking after the children. I couldnt wait to see the house and area. Unfortunately it was dark so couldnt see much of the outside but what I did see I really liked. Lesley said it was only a short walk through parkland to the Milton Keynes Bowl where they held quite a few concerts ie Robbie Williams etc....In fact it was surrounded by woods and parkland.
We knocked at the door but there was no answer but the lights were on. I had arranged to be there at 6.30pm and it was now 6.45pm. We decided we would wait until 7.00pm and then go. Just as we were leaving a car pulled into the parking area. it was her, no apologies at all. She asked us in and my goodness what a tip it was. There were two biggish dogs and about 4 cats that we saw all in the lounge which was quite small. She put the animals in the garden and showed us around. It didnt get any better. In the corner of the room was a spiral staircase which Lesley thought was really nice I hated it, it looked like scaffolding to me. Up the stairs was a nice landing which housed a massive fitted wardrobe with sliding doors. One bedroom that left a lot to be desired. It had an ashtray full of cigarette butts . The best and cleanest room was the bathroom, it was a really good size. Guess what was hanging from a hook in the ceiling a birdcage complete with a cockatiel
It was a really lovely house if you looked past the filth. The garden was amazing, there was a patio and then a grassed area seperated by a low wall and decorative fence with a gate. Also a pegola, she had really spent a lot of money on it. Shame the house hadnt had the same care. I thanked her and off we went.
Lesley said I had to try and imagine the house newly decorated and with new furniture and carpets it would be a different house. I decided to ring the Housing Association and accept it. Which I did and was told the 15th March would be the date of the start of my tenancy. Therefore I could move in on that day. That weekend Lesley, myself and the children went looking for a three piece suite. It would have to be a two seater sofa and only one armchair as the room was really small. I also went to a carpet shop in Bletchley and explained that I wasnt moving in until the 15th March could they come just after that date to measure the floors for me . I was going to have the same carpet right through the house . I also told them about the spiral staircase and he said he would have to look at it to decide how best to fit carpet.
I ordered a really nice suite it was what they callled denim blue dralon, it was so comfy, it wouldnt be delivered for 4 weeks which was a bit of a nuisance but it would give me time to get the carpets fitted in an empty house.

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