Monday, 24 November 2008

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I went straight round to Lesley and told her I was being made redundant and the package was really good, I couldn't wait for August it couldn't come quick enough. I told Roxanne we would go to Jersey around May time and she was thrilled to bits.
It was a really bad time at work for the drivers and warehouse lads, some warehouse lads were going to work in the packing room as packers and some were taking redundancy and some were able to stay.The drivers were not so lucky they didn't have a choice.
I was pleased that Clare and John were going to be split up, that partnership was lethal. I would be so glad to be out of it. They had done me such a huge favour, they say if you wish hard enough then it happens and it certainly did.
The next four weeks flew by and this was my last day. The end of an era. It got to 5.00pm and I was ready to leave and must admit I was shocked that no one had even said goodbye, I felt really hurt I thought I had quite a few friends but I was wrong obviously.
I was just going to open the door to the yard when all my mates said "surprise surprise you thought we had forgotten", My two managers were there and they had two beautiful bouquets of the most amazing flowers. They had also bought me some crystal things, a clock , vase, bottle opener in fact loads of things. I was overcome. I said I was going to miss them but I had no regrets. Mark said he would keep in touch and I knew he would we had been friends for 10 years. The drive home was amazing no more of this nightmare journey. I was thinking that maybe I would buy a little dog, I quite fancied a Yorkshire Terrier, I would give it some thought but it would be nice to go for walks as there were some really great walks where I lived.
I had got really friendly with the lady who lived next door to me, she was a mobile hairdresser which was handy. She had a rottweiller called Roxy a huge powerful dog but a big softy. We used to take it in turns to make coffee. She was a really good friend. Her husband worked at Woodhal Prison and was also a Diving Instructor.My house was full of flowers they were in every room, even the bathroom. I was a little worried as I thought I might now have too much time on my hands . I didn't see much of Lel and the children unless I went to their house. Lel didn't drive and there was no direct bus route. I only really saw them on Saturdays to do the shopping. I saw Steve about once a month but spoke to him on the telephone most days yes, I decided I would get a dog at least we could go on long walks.

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