Tuesday, 25 November 2008

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It was so nice not having to get up and drive to work, I found it difficult to settle at first I couldn't sit still. The weather was really nice and warm so I was in the garden a lot of the time.
I had been working fulltime since 1970 and was finding it very difficult to get used to being at home all day. I felt really isolated. Some days I wouldn't speak to anyone face to face. Still I had better get used to it ,this is what happens when you get older.
Steve rang me one day and said he had met a girl who he liked very much and they had just started going out. She lived just a few doors away. I was thrilled to bits for him I know he had been quite lonely and I could tell by the way he spoke that he had fallen hook line and sinker for her. I couldn't wait to meet her.
Roxanne and I arranged to go and see Steve the next weekend and also to meet Sarah. I have no idea why Lesley didn't come with us.
Sarah was already at Steve's when we arrived, she seemed a really nice girl her Mum was portugese and she had the most beautiful black curly hair. We got on like a house on fire, she was very easy to talk too. I could see that Steve was smitten by the way he looked at her. I had good vibes.
On the way home I told Roxanne that I was thinking of getting a dog she was so thrilled and said we could start looking for one. I said I only wanted a small dog like a Yorkshire Terrier and she was so excited. I promised her that if I found one I would take her with me to see it.
The next day I looked at the adverts in the pet shop and found quite a few adverts for Yorkie puppies but really I wanted a bitch about 12 months old. I decided I would get a puppy as I was home all day it should be quite easy to house train one.
I rang all the numbers I had found but the puppies had all been sold one lady I rang gave me the telephone number of a friend of hers who had just had a litter. I rang but there was no reply.
The next day I picked up Roxanne and we were going to drive around and try and find some more pet shops. I said I would just try the number I had been given yesterday before we started on our quest. This time the lady answered and said she was sorry but the puppies had all been sold. She said all she had was a bitch that was 3 yrs old. Amazing this was what I wanted originally. I asked why she was selling her and she said she was a champion and had been the mother of most of her puppies but the last litter was only one puppy and that had to be delivered by caesarian therefore she wasn't able to even cover her costs. So she was going to sell her. I asked if we could come and see her and she said yes so off we went.
We were only 2 minutes away from the house. She brought out the most beautiful Yorkie , Rox and I fell in love with her straight away. She was running around everywhere, by the look of things she wasn't used to running around. She said she wanted £100 for her which in retrospect was a bit expensive but we wanted her. I said we would go and get the cash and be back in a while.
We went and got a collar and lead and the money of course and went back. The lady said she wasn't used to a collar and lead as she had never been out. I was shocked she must have just been used for breeding, poor thing. This made Rox and I positive that we needed to get this dog. Her name was Megan. She was tiny with silver and grey/blonde fur.
We put the collar and lead on but she really didn't like it and to make matters worse it had started to snow so I carried her to the car and we went to show Jim and Frankie as Lesley was at work, she had got herself a part time job at Sainsbury's.
They had a Jack Russell dog called Paddy and Megan and Paddy got on great. Jim and Frankie fell in love with her too.

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