Tuesday, 4 November 2008

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Dennis came out of prison so I went to collect him and then we were going to get Ben from the kennels. Dennis was worried in case Ben didnt recognise him. Of course he did and went absolutely crazy. The Lady who ran the kennels made it clear to Dennis that they wouldnt be able to board him again. Evidently it was a one off . They had taken care of him very well, he looked in perfect health .

Dennis was really shocked when I told him that Allie had died, he thought so much of her. He would often take her on long walks which she loved. He said it would be really strange in our house without any dogs. He was pleased to know we had a black cat called Sooty.

We bought food on the way home for both Dennis and Ben. Dennis couldnt wait to get in his flat. After prison he said it would be like a little palace. He was full of good intentions no drugs, no stealing and he said he would look for a job......if he did these things it would be great but I didnt hold out much hope. Give him a week if that. I sincerely hoped I would be wrong.

Lesley and Frankie were doing really well. Dennis was going to see them on Saturday with Steve and I. Dennis hadnt seen Frankie yet. We went shopping, as there were so many of us I had to take Jim`s car it was much bigger than mine. We had 4 adults a 4yrs old and a 1 yr old and a pushchair and coming back we would have Lel`s weekly shop.

We had such a laugh, we always did when Dennis was around. It was such a shame that drugs ruined his life, he missed out on so much.

Dennis was pleased that Jim was at work as he felt very uncomfortable when he was there because he was a policeman. In fact he was now a dog handler he had a really lovely Alsation called Matt. He was kennelled outside. Jim and the dog had an amazing partnership.

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