Friday, 14 November 2008

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Steve and the children really liked the house even the spiral staircase. I couldnt wait to move in now. Steve said he would start the decorating next weekend. This would give me time to get the paint and things.
Lesley and I started cleaning everything. I had also decided to come each evening after work and do bits so that it would all be done for Steve to start the decorating. Steve suggested we went that afternoon to get the paint as we needed quite a lot and it would be heavy. We bought everything paint , brushes , rollers it cost me a small fortune but would be well worth it.
One thing I was concerned about was the heating, it was night storage heaters and I had heard bad reports about them not being warm enough. Time would tell. Steve went home and Lesley and I measured the windows and we went to the curtain shop in Bletchley picked out the material and arranged for them to be made. I was surprised they said they should be ready midweek.
By the following weekend everything was clean and ready for decorating. It looked better already. I had brought a kettle and everything to make us a cup of tea. Steve came early Saturday morning and we made our way to the house. We all got stuck in Lesley and myself. At this rate it wouldnt take that long, although there was no rush really.
Steve came a couple of times after work even though he had a really rotten cold and would have rather stayed home but he managed to finish it all. I am so lucky I have really special children. I rang the carpet shop midweek and arranged for them to come and measure up on Saturday morning and he said that if I liked he would fit it later the same day. I said yes please. Lesley rang me at work on thursday and said Courts were going to deliver the furniture Saturday afternoon. I couldnt believe it everything was working out well. I would be able to move in over the weekend. I had bought a secondhand cooker and washing machine and just needed a fridge/freezer.

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