Monday, 10 November 2008

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The 15th December came, moving day, we managed to get everything in the van we had hired. Managed to leave my plant I loved so much but was to tired to go back for . We took the van to Steve`s new house, emptied it ,then Jim took it back to the hire place and Steve took me to pick up my new car. We then had to go to Steve`s and pick up my clothes and bits and bobs.
By this time it was about 7.00pm we had been on the go since about 8.00am that morning. I dont know why we moved so many times as I absolutely hated it. Steve had a bed to sleep on but nothing to sit on until his new furniture arrived in a couple of days, hopefully. I said to Steve Lesley and I would be over to see his house properly over the weekend.
This was the first time I had actually driven my car , I set off for Milton Keynes tired, hungry and worried. When I got to Lesley`s house they had arranged a garage for me from the council which was just round the corner from Lel`s. This had been worrying me as just recently there had been several incidents with vandals. Jim offered to put my car in the garage for me as I was absolutey shattered. He had also been busy assembling the bunk beds I had bought for Roxanne and I , she was having the top bunk and me the bottom. She was so excited. A very welcome cup of tea was put in front of me, I hadnt had one since about 12 noon. A beautiful dinner followed and I said I could get used to this.
It was so nice the next morning, being woken by the kids , having breakfast and getting ready to go shopping. I began to relax, I dont know what it was but I felt really apprehensive of what, I had no idea. We did loads of food shopping and went to have something to eat. I didnt have to think about driving home to Hemel.
Jim had been really good he had checked over my car put petrol in and checked the oil and water ready for me to go to work on Monday. I had no idea what the traffic would be like at that time in the morning so I anticipated leaving at about 7.00am.
Sunday morning Lel the kids and myself went to Steve`s house as Lesley hadnt seen it nor had I properly. It was a really nice end of terrace house. Well decorated and nice carpets. The kitchen was a really good size for a one bedroom house and the lounge. He had made a really good choice. It was also a stones throw from the Snooker Club and shops. It was also just around the corner from where his Dad lived.
Monday morning soon came round and off I went on my maiden voyage. I couldnt believe it I arrived at work at about 7.45am it had taken me much less time than I thought it would, so the next morning I would leave at 7.30am and try that. I didnt start work until 08.30am.
It was a nightmare driving home at night in the dark, along country lanes but I soon got used to it. The worse times were when it was foggy and icy. The nice thing was getting home and the children dashing to see me and Lel putting my dinner in front of me. This was something I had not had since I lived at home with my Mum and Dad about 30 years ago.

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