Saturday, 8 November 2008

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At last we had a young couple who came to look at our house with their parents, they seemed very keen. I told them that most of the furniture could be left if they were interested as they were just starting out. They said they would definitely be interested in that.

A couple of hours later the estate agent rang and said the young couple had put in an offer of the asking price ,if we accecpted it could they come back this afternoon for another look. I said this would be fine . I couldnt wait to tell Steve , he was out looking at a one bedroom house in Grovehill.

Steve came home and said he really liked the house he had just looked at. It was fairly new and just along the road from a friend of his. When I told him about the offer we had just got , he was thrilled to bits. This house was close to where he worked, if he had car problems it was within walking distance. I could tell he really wanted it. Before he made an offer he was going to wait and see the people who wanted ours if they put a deposit down then he would know they were serious.

They came and had another look round and said it was just what they were looking for and were going straight to the estate agent to start the ball rolling, this was really good news for Steve. He phoned the Estate Agent for the one bedroom house and made an offer which was also accepted. Now we had to hope that our house sale and Steve`s purchase would co-incide. It didnt matter to me as I could go to Lels at anytime.

The buyers of our house said they would like us to leave whatever we could as they had only got a bed. So I said we would leave all the lounge furniture and a couple of units in the dining room and bits and bobs. They also said they would like Sooty our cat, I thought they were joking but they were serious. This was handy for us as I couldnt take him with me, Lel had two dogs and a cat. Steve wasnt to keen on having him as he would have all new furniture and Sooty was a bit of a scratcher.

Steve was going to take the washing machine, hoover and several other bits. We had been to Ikea and he had bought a kitchen starter set that included pans, dinner set and just about everything you would want in the kitchen.

I was worried I really didnt want to move, I loved this house. I just couldnt imagine not having my own place and in fact being a lodger. Although I really wanted to be with Lel and the children. I was sort of in limbo. I also had to buy a new car as the one I had , had just given up the ghost. Again, timing was of the essence as the money to pay for it was coming out of my share of the profit from the sale of the house.

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