Monday, 3 November 2008

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Frankie`s first day home was eventful, he wasnt very well at all and by the evening Lesley decided she would ring the hospital and they suggested taking him there, the weather was atrocious freezing cold, it was December, we wrapped Frankie up really well and off they went . I had to stay with Roxanne.

They were back after a couple of hours and everything was ok but we definitely needed the reassurance. I had to go home on the sunday for work on monday, I would have liked to stay and help Lel but I couldnt get the time off work. Jim would have to help.

Steve and I decided we would consider buying our house as I was due to quite a discount. I got in touch with the council for details of Right to Buy. I was so shocked with the discount of 65% it meant we could buy our three bedroomed maisonette which had a new kitchen and bathroom fitted only 6 months ago for £18.000 .We couldnt sell it for three years, if we did we would have to repay the discount. Steve and I thought about it and from my point of view it was a must. How else would I be able to give Steve the amount of money he would get when we sold it. assuming the value of property would rise. 65% discount was an amazing amount.

We decided to go ahead and set things in motion. We got the mortgage with no trouble and a little bit extra to enable us to have double glazing fitted. I think it took about 2 months and then the property was ours.

Allie our Great Dane was a bit off colour, she seemed to be lethargic which was so unlike her. The average life span for Great Danes is about 7 years and Allie was 10 years old and up till now as fit as a fiddle.

That night I woke up at about 3.00am and Allie was standing at the side of my bed really struggling for breath. I tried to get her to sit on her bed but she wouldnt move. I was really worried. I got back into bed but I couldnt sleep, every time she breathed she was making a rasping noise. I must have dropped off as the next time I looked at the clock it was 7.00am and Allie was still standing up and struggling for breath. She was in a terrible state and I was so worried.

Thank goodness it was Saturday so Steve was able to come to the vets with me. What a job we had trying to get her to walk down the stairs. If Steve hadnt been there I couldnt have managed.The vet agreed to see her straight away. She even stood up in the car , she wouldnt or couldnt lay down. The vet examined her and told us her heart and lungs were not working as they should be and he didnt think there was anything he could do. He said she was in great pain and the kindest thing would be to euthanase her. Allie was my last link to Sheila my daughter she had bought her for me just before she died. I just couldnt bear to lose her but neither could I see her suffer as she was. It didnt take a vet to tell me my beloved dog was in agony and that we must do the right thing for her. I looked at Steve and he said we should listen to the vet.

So I said ok. The vet said we could sit with her while he gave her the injection. I sat on the floor with her and hugged her and she just faded away in my arms. The tears came I couldnt believe she had gone.How much more could we take. We made our way home, I couldnt imagine our house without her. It would seem so quiet, even though she didnt make a noise, her presence would be missed.

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