Wednesday, 5 November 2008

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Time passed Roxanne started school and really loved it. Frankie was growing fast but he was a sullen little boy nothing seemed to please him. He was a real Mummy`s boy. I dont think his Dad had much time for him or Roxanne. They were all treading on eggshells when he was home. His phylosophy was seen but not heard.

Dennis was back on the drugs, it hadnt taken him long. His flat was a disgusting mess. It wouldnt be long before he would be back in prison. I reminded him that the kennels wouldnt look after Ben again and that if he went to prison he would lose him. He said it wouldnt happen, I hoped it wouldnt but I knew differently. Sadly there was only one person who mattered to him that was him. A drug addict is so consumed with getting the next fix that everything and everyone pales into insignificance, they have tunnel vision. The consequences dont matter at that time but later they become consumed with self pity.

Steve and I did loads to our house by way of improvements, we had walls knocked down, instead of a separate dining room and kitchen we had an archway so it became open plan. It was amazing. You wouldnt believe how good it looked. We had new carpets right through. The three years were nearly up and I didnt want to sell but I didnt really have a choice as that was the whole idea of buying it. Steve was so looking forward to having his own house, he was almost 30 yrs old.

I had decided to try and get a house or flat in Milton Keynes to be near Lesley and the children. I had contacted a Housing Association and explained my situation and they said they would come and see me and discuss the options, a date was agreed. The man from the Housing Association came and I explained the situation that the house belonged jointly to Steve and myself and he needed to get his own place therefore we had to sell. I said for a while I could stay at my daughters and asked if he could tell me roughly how long it would be before I would be offered a house or flat. He shocked me by saying he anticipated it being about 3 months. I thought it would be much longer than that. So I asked him to put me on their books.

It would mean me driving about 300 miles a week from Milton Keynes to Kings Langley I wasnt really looking forward to this but I would get used to it. With some of the proceeds from the sale of the house I intended to get a newer car, with that mileage I would need something reliable.

Lesley and the kids were excited about me going to live with them for a while as was I.

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